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How to change name on Aeromexico ticket?

Aeromexico Name Change or Correction Policy & Fee

The former flag carrier of Mexico and one of the oldest airlines in the world, Aeromexico, has a time-defying history of serving millions of travelers across the world. The airline, which flew its first commercial flight in 1934 with only four passengers on-board, gradually, went on to become the number one international passenger carrier in Mexico with more than 15% market share as of March 2020. Established under the name, Aeronaves de Mexico, the once-nationalized airline dominated the Mexican domestic airspace for decades alongside another famous Mexican carrier, Mexicana.

But the journey for Aeromexico was not all hunky-dory. The iconic carrier with its varied fleet was grounded multiple times in the eighties and early nineties due to severe economic and financial crises faced by the successive Mexican governments. Repeated Labour strikes, accidents and bankruptcy rocked the company to the core, bringing its reputation to the bottom. But the Mexico City-based carrier managed to get back to its feet every time and in the year 2000, it became one of the founding members of SkyTeam along with Air France and Delta Airlines. The airline, which was, ultimately, privatized in 2007, has a current fleet of 122 aircraft that fly between 42 domestic destinations and 39 international destinations worldwide.

For an almost hundred-year-old organization like Aeromexico that has inspired generations, developing strong operational procedures and formulating customer-centric policies are of utmost importance. Needless to say, Aeromexico too has a set of well-defined policies that are designed to address various travel-related issues, and Aeromexico name correction policy is one of them. Details on the policy, the name change procedure and the Aeromexico name change fee are furnished below.

Aeromexico name correction policy

The Aeromexico name change policy is a well-defined set of rules or guidelines that clearly lays down the terms and conditions for a name change or correction on an Aeromexico flight ticket. The terms and conditions as specified on the airline’s official website are described underneath with relevant explanations and examples.

  1. i) The Aeromexico name change guidelines are only applicable to tickets that belong to the AM 139 ticket stocks.
  2. ii) The policy specifies that name corrections on regular tickets and e-tickets can be made at Aeromexico Travel Stores apart from doing it through the official website orby following the other more common ways of name correction.
  3. iii) The Aeromexico name change policy allows certain types of name changes and corrections on Aeromexico flight tickets. Only such changes may be made free of charge if requests are processed at Aeromexico Travel Stores within 24 hours of booking.
  4. iv) For any type of name change or correction, passengers must prove their identity by supporting their change requests with valid Government-issued id proofs.
  5. v) In case passengers prefer the online method of name correction, they must book the tickets and pay the Aeromexico name change fees beyond 24 hours by using debit cards, credit cards or UATP only.
  6. vi) To be eligible for making online name changes or corrections through the official website, passengers must book the Aeromexico flight tickets and pay the change fees only with Mexican Pesos or USD. Using other currencies for booking, rebooking or paying change fees would make the tickets ineligible for name corrections online.
  7. vii) As per Aeromexico name correction rules, tickets purchased only from Aeromexico Travel Stores, through the official website, , or the Aeromexico call center are eligible for online name changes or corrections.
  8. viii) Passengers aren’t allowed to make online name corrections on Aeromexico flight tickets if their tickets were purchased through travel agents.
  9. ix) Passengers can’t make changes or corrections to their Aeromexico flight tickets if they have booked tickets with basic fares.
  10. x) The Aeromexico name correction policy allows only one name change or correction per passenger.
  11. xi) Aeromexico doesn’t allow a name change on the ticket if the reservation includes more than 7 passengers.
  12. xii) Name corrections on tickets are not allowed in case of bookings with travel compliments.
  13. xiii) For multi-destination flights with other airline segments, name changes aren’t possible through the official website. Passengers must contact the customer care help desk for assistance in such cases. Even then changes to names might be limited to the Aeromexico flight segments only.
  14. xiv) As per the Aeromexico name change guidelines, name corrections on tickets aren’t allowed for bookings with pets. The same goes for the bookings with infant seats.
  15. xv) No name change or correction on an Aeromexico flight ticket is allowed if the boarding pass has been issued.
  16. xvi) The Aeromexico name change policy doesn’t allow a change in gender along with a name change or correction.
  17. xvii) Under normal circumstances, name corrections involving more than 2 letters are not allowed on Aeromexico flight tickets.
  18. xviii) As per the Aeromexico name change policy, a change in name doesn’t mean a change in the passenger. All Aeromexico flight tickets are non-transferable.

Aeromexico types of name changes allowed

Following are the types of name changes that are allowed by Aeromexico Airlines under the Aeromexico name change policy. It is to be noted that passengers making these types of name change requests must provide supporting legal documents and copies of Government-issued id proofs where applicable at the time of initiating the name correction process.

a. Missing letters or typing errors in names and surnames

Under the Aeromexico name correction policy, passengers are allowed to add a missing letter to their names and surnames on theirAeromexico flight tickets. Ex: JOHN instead of JON. Here, letter H was missing which was later added. Similarly, passengers can replace a letter in their names and surnames in case of typing errors. Ex: ROBERTinstead ofROVERT. Here, the letter V was wrongly typed in place of B and hence replaced.

b. Changes up to 2 letters in passengers’ names

Passengers can request name corrections on Aeromexico flight tickets if such corrections do not involve more than 2 letters in names. In case an error consists of more than two letters, canceling the ticket within 24 hours and rebooking is a more advisable option.

c. Passengers’ names and surnames are inverted

Name changes on Aeromexico Airlines flight tickets are allowed if passengers’ first names and last names are accidentally inverted during booking. Ex: ROBERT/BROWNING instead of BROWNING/ROBERT.

d. Passengers’ names on tickets are their married names

Name changes are allowed if passengers’ married names are registered and mentioned in bookings while their Government-issued id proofs reflect their surnames at birth. Passengers can either change their names in such cases and mention their complete birth names on flight tickets,or they should be ready to provide supporting legal documents to keep their married names.

How to change name on flight Aeromexico?

There are quite a few ways to change or correct names on Aeromexico flight tickets. Here they are,

1. Online name change through the official website

One of the quickest ways for a name change or correction on flight tickets nowadays, online methods are both convenient and easy to follow. Passengers who wish to get a quick name correction done on Aeromexico flight tickets, have to first log on to the official website, ,and get to the “Manage Booking” section. They should then follow the step-by-step process before finally re-issuing their tickets. Applicable Aeromexico name correction fees and possible fare differences have to be paid before the name correction or change requests are processed by the website.

Passengers should also note that certain conditions must be fulfilled in order for their Aeromexico flight tickets to be qualified for processing online name change or correction requests. As per the Aeromexico name correction policy, not all tickets are eligible for initiating an online name change or correction request. Passengers are advised to refer back to the name correction guidelines section above where all those conditions have been discussed in great detail.

2. Name change by calling Aeromexico contact center

Passengers can contact the Aeromexico customer care helpdesk, by dialing the toll-free helpline number, 1-800-237-6639. Services are chargeable at the helpdesk and are often on the higher side than with other methods of name correction. But there are fewer restrictions and passengers can expect quicker processing for more complex name changes or corrections.

3. Name change at Aeromexico Travel Stores

Passengers can make name corrections on their regular or e-tickets at the Aeromexico Travel Stores. Only the specified types of name corrections mentioned in the previous section are allowed at these stores.

4. Name change or correction by visiting the airport kiosk

Name corrections can also be made by visiting the nearest airport kiosks. But this option is more suitable for simple last minute corrections, not for complex name changes. Changes such as birth name to married name and vice versa are not allowed at the airport kiosks. Name corrections can be made here up to 12 hours before departure and simple typos can be rectified up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

How much is the Aeromexico name change fee?

How much is the Aeromexico name change fee?

The Aeromexico Airlines name change fees are decided by considering various factors such as the types of name corrections or changes requested, the methods opted for name changes and the complexity of the processes involved. Usually, passengers are not charged any change or name correction fee if the name correction process is initiated within 24 hours of booking. Beyond 24 hours, charges for name corrections vary, details of which are discussed below,

  1. i. For changes in names and surnames, passengers are charged $200 and a possible fare difference. The rate for a name change is the same if the change is made online through the official websiteor by calling the Aeromexico contact center.
  2. ii. Passengers have to pay $150 plus a likely fare difference if simple name corrections are made by them online. They are charged $200 plus likely fare difference for the same corrections if done through the contact center. Also, passengers can avail of the same service at $250 up to 12 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight at the airport kiosks.
  3. iii. For changing birth names to maiden names and vice versa on Aeromexico flight tickets, passengers have to pay $200 plus possible fare differences if done through the official website and $250 plus possible fare differences if done by calling the customer care helpdesk. Such complex changes are not permitted at the airport kiosks.
  4. iv. Passengers are charged $200 and likely fare differences if simple typing errors in the first and last names are rectified online or at the airport kiosks. The same service is chargeable at the rate of $250 if provided through the contact center. The Aeromexico middle name correction is also chargeable at the same rate.
  5. v. To rectify inverted names, Aeromexico passengers are required to pay $150 and possible fare differences if changes are done through the website or the contact center. However, they are charged $200 if the same services are availed at the airport kiosks.


1. Can I correct my misspelled name on my Aeromexico flight ticket?

Yes. You can correct up to 2 letters of your misspelled name on your flight ticket without paying any charges.

2. Can I correct my name on Aeromexico ticket online?

Yes. You can. But you must fulfil certain eligibility criteria such as you have to book your ticket and pay the name correction fees by your debit or credit card or UATP, and you should make the payments in either Mexican Pesos or USD.

3. Is mentioning my middle name on my Aeromexico flight ticket mandatory?

If the middle name is mentioned in your Government-issued id proofs, it is advisable to include it on your Aeromexico flight ticket.

4. What happens if I fail to notice my misspelled name on my Aeromexico flight ticket?

Making spelling corrections is quite easy with Aeromexico Airlines. Crosscheck all the details once you book your flight ticket because Aeromexico won’t allow any passenger to travel under any circumstances if there is any type of name mismatch on his flight ticket.

5. What are the prominent offline methods of name correction on Aeromexico tickets?

Calling the Aeromexico contact center, visiting the Aeromexico Travel Stores and the Airport kiosks are the prominent offline methods for name corrections on Aeromexico flight tickets.

6. What if my passport has my birth name mentioned on it while my Aeromexico flight ticket mentions my married name?

Name on Aeromexico flight ticket must match the passport for international travel. Changing between married and birth names are allowed under the Aeromexico name change policy. So, you can make name changes accordingly and support your name change requests with legally valid documents.

7. Does Aeromexico allow changes in passenger?

All Aeromexico tickets are non-transferable, meaning passengers can’t remove their names from tickets and put somebody else’s names on them. The original ticket holder must be the traveller even after a name change.

8. Does Aeromexico charge any name correction fee?

Aeromexico doesn’t charge its passengers any name correction fee within 24 hours of booking. Butbeyond 24 hours all name changes and corrections are chargeable. Aeromexico name change fees vary between $150 & $250 depending on the types and methods of name changes or corrections. Passengers are also required to pay the fare difference if applicable.

9. Can I make name changes online if I have booked Aeromexico flight tickets with basic fares?

Online name changes aren’t allowed on non-refundable tickets or tickets with basic fares. You have to contact the customer care for assistance.

10. Can I correct my misspelled name if I’ve booked my Aeromexico flight ticket with travel compliments?

Aeromexico name correction policy restricts name corrections on tickets with travel compliments such as on-board spending coupons or tickets that bear ancillary costs.

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