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LOT for Groups - About LOT Polish Airlines Group Booking Policy

Lot Polish Airlines Group Booking

Does the thought of going for a group vacation with family, friends or colleagues excite you very much? Do you like traveling together with pals on the same flight and putting up at hotels in a faraway land? Do you love the concept of a getaway bachelor party or an overseas reunion with college mates? If answers to all these questions are in the affirmative, then you must be a fan of group travel from the core of your heart. No matter the purpose, group travels are always full of fun, friendships and special bonds shared between the group members. And as you fly a thousand miles with your fan group to watch your favorite football team play a game, you also bring a fair amount of business to the aviation companies, their authorized agencies and the numerous hotels and resorts where you stay. So, don’t be surprised if the airline you have booked group tickets with returns the favor with perks and benefits. Group travels are good business for airlines, and they don’t mind treating you specially in return.

The same goes for LOT Polish Airlines. The Polish flag carrier with almost a hundred years of enviable legacy, showers group travelers with all kinds of special group privileges and additional benefits. It has a crisp but effective set of group travel guidelines called the LOT Polish Airlines Group Booking policy that woos the right groups with exactly the right kind of offerings. Extracts from the LOT Polish group booking policy are discussed below with group rates, terms and conditions and group booking methods.

The LOT Polish Airlines Group Reservations policy

The LOT Polish Airlines Group Reservations policy is a detailed blueprint prepared by LOT Polish Airlines for group travel-related planning and understanding. It is a collection of useful strategies and guidelines, important rules and offers and methods and procedures. The policy itself is short and precise that touches only on the key points related to group travel bookings. While certain benefits, rules and procedures have been discussed in the group booking policy, a LOT more have been left for the understanding of the travelers. The entire approach is decoded step-by-step in this article. Here they are.

The Terms & Conditions for LOT Polish Airlines Group Reservations

  1. i. The LOT Polish Airlines Group Reservations policy makes it very clear that passengers are eligible to receive all group travel benefits from LOT Polish Airlines only if a minimum of 10 members bookLOT Polish Economy Class tickets,or a minimum of 6 members bookLOT Premium Economy or Business Class tickets together. Groups with lesser members can book multiple tickets at a time, but they won’t be considered eligible for LOT group travel benefits under the LOT Polish Airlines group booking policy.
  2. ii. To be eligible for group booking benefits as per the LOT Polish Airlines Group Bookingpolicy, all group members must board the same flight, on the same day at the same time and reach the same destination.
  3. iii. Groups are entitled to receive discounts of up to 25% on individual ticket prices if there are children between the age of 5 and 12 years traveling with the group.
  4. iv. Passengers willing to undertake group travel with LOT Polish Airlines, must as per the LOT Polish Airlines Group Reservations policy, fill up and submit the online group offer form first and wait for a specially prepared group offer from LOT Polish Airlines.
  5. v. All group offers made by LOT Polish Airlines are specially prepared for group travelers and are subject to the availability of seats at the time of group ticket booking. Any delay in booking could result in the revision or complete withdrawal of the group offers.
  6. vi. LOT Polish Airlines allows one checked baggage per passenger at the time of check-in as per standard LOT Polish baggage norms. The charges for the same are included in the group ticket prices.
  7. vii. For every extra checked baggage, passengers have to pay additional charges. For each standard checked baggage item subject to LOT Polish baggage norms, passengers need to pay PLN 163 in case of domestic group travel within Poland, $72 in case of international travel to Europe and the Middle East, and $124 in the case of intercontinental group travel to North America and Asia.
  8. viii. The group ticket prices quoted by LOT Polish Airlines do not include ancillary costs such as the cost of travel insurance, on-board entertainment and on-board food and drinks. Passengers opting for any of these products must pay additional applicable charges over and above the quoted group ticket prices.
  9. ix. Deferred payments are allowed by LOT Polish Airlines, but complete payments must be made on or before the commitment date specified in the contract.
  10. x. Group tickets once issued are not refundable under any circumstances under the LOT Polish Airlines Group Booking policy.
  11. xi. For cancellations of group tickets caused by reasons beyond LOT Polish Airlines’ control and complete or partial no-shows, no refunds are issued. But if flights are canceled by LOT Polish due to any internal reason, groups have the option to fill up a form and claim a refund. LOT Polish would issue a voucher in such a case and process the refund within the next 14 days.
  12. xii. With LOT Polish Airlines group travel, passengers enjoy the flexibility of preparing and presenting the complete passenger list with relevant details until a specified date later. This saves groups the time, effort and money required to correct typos and change passenger names completely. Groups can take their time and provide passenger details to LOT at least 48 hours before the departure, failing which the entire group would lose their rights to board the flight.

LOT Polish Airlines Group Travel Benefits

LOT Polish Airlines doesn't offer its passengers reduced rates or discounts on group tickets, but it offers higher flexibility to passengers to help them plan their group trips better. The LOT Polish Airlines group travel benefits are discussed below,

a. Seat Reservation without Passenger List: With LOT Polish group travel, specifying the passenger list to the airline or disclosing individual passenger names and details is not mandatory at the time of reservation or commitment. Groups have the flexibility of providing the final passenger list to the airline at a much later stage before a specified date mentioned in the contract.

b. Free Seat Allocation: LOT Polish Airlines allows groups to choose and hold seats for group members without charging any fees. Preferred seating is a service extra that is provided free of cost to groups who travel with LOT Polish.

c. Flexibility to Change: With LOT Polish Airlines group travel booking, groups have the flexibility to change individual passenger names along with certain other passenger data without citing any reason.

d. Checked Baggage: The LOT Polish Airlines group ticket prices always include the cost of checked baggage. Each group member, as per LOT Polish Airlines group booking policy, is allowed to carry a piece of luggage that is safely handed back to him by the airline post travel during baggage claim. This also conforms to the LOT Polish Airline’s baggage rules.

e. LOT Incentive Travel: Incentive Travel is a meeting and events kind of program designed by LOT Polish Airlines for corporate groups and Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) sector. Under this program, companies can organize outdoor team meetings, getaway corporate events andconferences and overseas exhibitions for various corporate groups, in collaboration with LOT. Benefits include

  1. (i) Customized events and opportunities for each group
  2. (ii) Flexible offers to meet event-specific needs
  3. (iii) Chances of earning free group tickets

f. Payment Flexibility: With LOT Polish Airlines group travel, passengers have the flexibility to defer payment till a later date specified in the group contract. Passengers may choose to pay in regular installments after making the initial deposits until a commitment date on or before which all remaining booking amounts must be paid.

LOT Polish Airlines Group Ticket Rates

Though LOT Polish Airlines provides a Best Price Guarantee on group tickets after matching prices with group ticket rates offered by its competitors, the rates are often on the higher side as compared to its own individual ticket prices. Even by its own admission on the official website, LOT Polish Airlines doesn’t offer any special rates for group travelers. It declares that the LOT Polish Airlines Group Rates can even be higher than the regular individual ticket prices. But the airline promises to make it up with some special services, perks and additional benefits that can make group travel with LOT Polish a truly memorable experience. Passengers though can get special LOT Polish Airlines Group Discounts if they have one or more kids traveling with them in groups. LOT Polish Airlines offers special discounts of up to 25% on ticket prices for children aged between 5 and 12 years and who are either on a school trip or on a vacation with family.

How to book group travel tickets with LOT Polish Airlines?

LOT Polish is a modern airline with a world-class reservation system and software. It uses advanced technology and modern communication channels such as various social media platforms including Messenger and Whatsapp to interact with passengers and help them book tickets with the airline without any hassle. Mentioned below are the most prominent ways of group ticket booking with LOT Polish Airlines.

1. Online group travel booking through the official website

Among the various ways of group flight ticket booking, technology-induced methods have gained importance in recent years. There is nothing more convenient than being able to book flight tickets online for an entire group of people from the comfort of your home. And a leading passenger carrier like LOT Polish understands this quite well. The official website of the airline is fast, user-friendly and easily navigable that allows passengers to submit their group offer requests and complete group reservations in no time. The steps involved in online group travel booking with LOT are mentioned below.

  1. i. To start with, type www.lot.com on your browser and press Enter. This would land you on the home page of the official LOT Polish website.
  2. ii. Scroll down on the page and find the “Plan your dream trip” section. Here you have a “Fly Together” option with a blue button below that reads “Check LOT for Groups.” Click on that button. You will be directed to the “LOT for Groups” page.
  3. iii. Scroll down the page and you will find a “Group Offer” request form. Fill up the form as per the instructions provided and submit it.
  4. iv. Once the group offer request form is submitted, LOT Polish Airlines would prepare a special group offer for you after considering several price-determining factors and send it to your registered email address.
  5. v. Now, if you agree with the quoted LOT Polish Airlines group rates and the LOT Polish Airlines Group Booking Terms and Conditions, you can immediately purchase the group tickets by paying the entire group booking amount, or you may commit to booking by making an initial deposit as per terms and pay the rest of the amount on a later date as specified in the contract.

2. Group booking by calling Contact Center

You can also request a group offer quote from LOT by directly contacting the LOT Polish Airlines Contact Center over the phone.Contact numbers are different for each country and city where the Polish flag carrier operates. Here is how you can find your local LOT Contact Center phone number,

  1. i. Log on to the official website of the airline first and click on ‘Contact’ on the footer menu. This would take you to the page with the following heading, “Didn’t find the answer to your question?”
  2. ii. Scroll down the page a bit and you will find the “Call to our Contact Center” option. Click on the link “Go to the search.” You will land on a new page called “LOT offices.”
  3. iii. There are three boxes. Click on the 1st box named “Select a department,” and choose the “Contact Center” option from the options in the dropdown. Then select your country as the USA and choose your city. Once you do that, you will get the contact number of your local LOT Polish Contact Center.
  4. iv. Now, dial the number and talk to a LOT representative regarding group booking. The rest of the process is the same as described in the previous method.

3. Group booking through authorized agents

LOT Polish group travel tickets can also be booked through LOT-authorized travel agents. If you are a group coordinator, you must provide the travel agent with all group travel-related information like the itinerary, destination and date and time apart from all relevant passenger data. Group tickets booked through agents also enjoy the same rights as self-booked group tickets.


1. Does LOT Polish Airlines offer group rates?

Yes, it does. But by its own admission, the group ticket rates offered by the airline are often higher than the regular individual ticket prices. Also, LOT Polish doesn’t offer discounts and rebates on group ticket rates.

2. What is the minimum required number to be eligible for LOT Polish Airlines group booking benefits?

As per the LOT Polish Airlines Group Booking policy, groups require a minimum of 10 members with Basic Economy ticket bookings or a minimum of 6 members with Premium Economy or Business class bookings to be eligible for LOT group booking benefits.

3. How many bags are allowed for group travel in LOT Polish Airlines?

LOT Polish Airlines allows one checked baggage per passenger during group travel.The cost of the same is included in the group ticket prices. Also, it allows one carry-on baggage for each passenger subject to the norms of the LOT Baggage policy.

4. How much does LOT charge passengers for extra bags?

As per the LOT Polish Airlines Group Reservations guidelines, all excess baggage is chargeable at varied rates as mentioned on the official website of the airline. For example, all excess baggage is chargeable at the rate of $72/baggage for international destinations in Europe or the Middle East and $124/baggage for destinations in North America and Asia.

5. Can I carry 2 bags for group travel with LOT Polish Airlines?

You can. But you have to pay for one baggage (or both, depending on weight) as per LOT Excess Baggage policy.

6. Is it mandatory to disclose all passenger details during group booking with LOT Polish Airlines?

As per LOT Polish Airlines group booking norms, it is not mandatory to disclose a full passenger list with details during group booking. It can be done much later on or before a specified date mentioned in the contract.

7. Does LOT Polish Airlines permit name changes on group tickets?

Yes, it permits groups to correct or change individual passenger names as well as certain other passenger information on group tickets.

8. How do I call LOT Polish Airlines?

You can find LOT Polish Customer Service helpdesk phone numbers related to your local area on the official website of the airline. Copy the following direct link and paste on your browser, and you will get option boxes where you have to select your country and the city of your origin before getting the contact number,

9. Can I get a refund if I cancel my group ticket after issuance?

No. Group tickets once issued by LOT Polish Airlines can’t be refunded if one or more tickets are cancelled.

10. Do we get a group refund if the scheduled flight is canceled by LOT due to internal reasons?

Yes, as a group you have the option to ask for a refund if your scheduled flight is canceled by LOT Polish Airlines due to any internal reason. You can fill up and submit the claim refund form and get your refund within the next 14 business days. You may also prefer to stay booked and wait for your flight to be rescheduled.

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