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Make Plans and Visit Chicago this Year

Officially known as the City of Chicago, it is one of the populous cities of the United States. Situated on Lake Michigan, this city is known for the bold architecture it has. This city is another one of those US cities that has skyscraper buildings. The splendid John Hancock Centre, Willis Tower are few of the many cloud-touching buildings this city has. The ultimate view, refreshing summer morning, and chilling winter days make Chicago one of the best tourist attractions in the US.

Best Time to Visit Chicago

To experience the culture and tradition of this city, we would advise you to visit the City of Chicago in April and May and also between September and October. During the mentioned time, the weather there is warm and one can enjoy some festivals going into the city.

Best Tourist attractions in Chicago

Among all the other magnificently structured architecture of the City of Chicago, below are few other places that one should never miss visiting. Have a look-

  • - Navy Pier:- This pier is located on the shoreline of Lake Michigan This pier is full of parks, restaurants, shopping stores, exhibitions, and a lot more. In short, the Navy Pier is a happy place.
  • - Shedd Aquarium:- This aquarium is about 90 years old and once, was the largest indoor aquarium across the globe. And on today's date, this aquarium holds around 32k animals. Worth a visit.
  • - Lincoln Park Zoo:- This is one of the oldest zoos, located in Northern America. The interesting fact about this zoo is that there is a burr oak tree located in the zoo, that dates back to 1830, i.e., three years before the city was founded.

Facts about Chicago

  • - Chicago is the home to approximately 27 million people.
  • - English is the official language of Chicago, other languages like Spanish, German, French, etc. are also spoken.
  • - Like any other US city, Chicago has the US Dollar as its currency.

- The major airports of the City of Chicago are-

  • ● Chicago O' Hare International Airport
  • ● Chicago Midway International Airport
  • Chicago is a city in the state of Illinois, USA
  • Tourists across the globe can visit this city under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) using an ESTA visa. If you are someone who falls under those 39 countries that are part of this VWP, you can visit Chicago for 90 days with a visa. be it for business, pleasure, study, medical

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