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How to correct or change a name on a JetBlue flight ticket?

Name corrections on flight tickets are necessary for various reasons; matching the government-issued ID proof being the most important among them. Even a little spelling mistake on your name, and you could be denied boarding for an ID mismatch. And no matter how minuscule is the error, making a name correction is often such a humongous task, that you end up cursing yourself for life for making that mindless typing error or that silly spelling mistake. The pain almost doubles if the full name has to be changed. The change fees and the fare differences can disrupt your travel budget and easily put your entire travel plan in jeopardy. It is not only the hassles, but also the monetary loss that really matters. While the hassles can’t be completely avoided if a spelling mistake has been made, they can be certainly minimized with greater passenger awareness about the name correction policies, processes and the name change rules of the airlines.

The aim of the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy is to reduce passenger inconveniences by making them well-informed about the possible consequences of making a spelling mistake during ticket bookings. The policy is both well-addressed and comprehensive, and it provides the most cost-effective solution for the most common problem faced by a passenger during air travel. Here is all you need to know about the policy.

JetBlue Airlines Name Correction policy

Unlike other airlines, that often use the words, ‘name correction’ and ‘name change’ interchangeably while discussing their name correction policy, JetBlue Airlines makes it a point to clearly distinguish between both words and use them to define two very different actions from the very beginning of the policy discussion. By the word, name correction, JetBlue Airlines refers to minor modifications or rectifications of passenger names and legal changes of birth names. Such changes could be due to typing errors or due to changes in the legal status of the passengers. However, by JetBlue's definition, all these rectifications in names should concern only one person, i.e., the original ticketed passenger, to be called a name correction. Whereas, the word, name change, in JetBlue terminology, refers to the complete substitution of the passenger from one to another. In simple words, a name change indicates a passenger change in the JetBlue dictionary.

The JetBlue Airlines Name Correction policy allows five types of simple name corrections and three types of name changes due to a change in the passengers’ legal status. Here are all those types of corrections and change requests accepted by JetBlue Airlines under its name correction policy.

Spelling Corrections

Spelling corrections can be performed on names when they are misspelled either due to a typing error or due to wrong names provided by passengers out of casualness. The following types of spelling corrections can be rectified under the JetBlue Airlines Name Correction policy.

i. Correction of first, middle and last names

Minor spelling mistakes or typos involving one or more letters in passengers’ first, middle and last names can be corrected. Also missing letters could be added to the names as per the rules of the name correction policy. Ex: Michel to Michael (missing A), Rogerrs to Rogers (extra R), Emilly to Emily (Extra L due to typing error)

ii. Change from nickname to legal name

Passengers often use their commonly known nicknames instead of legal names. But, these nicknames don’t have any legal validity and they don’t match the passenger names in the government-issued ID proofs. And as per the rules, passengers aren’t allowed to fly even if there is a slight deviation in the name between their flight tickets and government-issued ID proofs. The JetBlue Airlines Name Correction policy considers this as a minor name correction and allows passengers to make changes in names. Ex: Robby to Robert, Bob to Robert, Steph to Stephanie

iii. Correction of inverted names

Passengers are given the opportunity to make corrections if they accidentally invert their first and last names during flight bookings. Ex: Walker Paul to Paul Walker

iv. Addition of middle names

Passengers often miss their middle names while making their flight reservations. Although mentioning the middle names is not mandatory as per flight booking rules, including them becomes necessary if they are present in the government-issued ID proofs. JetBlue Airlines allows middle names to be added later as a minor name correction.

v. Addition of additional last names

In some places, it is a practice to use more than one last name. Often the mother’s family name or husband’s last names are added and if the government-issued ID proofs contain any one of those, passengers must add them to their names during flight bookings. JetBlue considers such changes as minor name corrections. Ex: Pablo Rodriguez to Pablo Garcia Rodriguez

Changes in Legal Names

Name corrections are allowed when passengers make changes in their legal names due to a change in their legal status. For example, a marriage, divorce or adoption could cause changes in legal names. And if the changed names reflect on the government-issued ID proofs, they must be included in flight reservations too. JetBlue Airlines allows the correction of legal names subject to the submission of valid legal documents.

Mid-travel Name Corrections

Passengers are allowed as per the JetBlue Airlines Name Correction policy to correct their names mid-travel if it’s ascertained that their names were not corrected before the beginning of the 1st leg of travel due to some kind of error. Such name corrections require rebooking to be done with the correct names in a new reservation.

The terms and conditions of the JetBlue Airlines Name Correction policy

JetBlue Airlines is very particular about the types of name corrections it allows as part of its name correctionpolicy. The airline is also very specific about the terms and conditions under which name corrections of passengers are allowed. The following points mention the terms and conditions for name correction as well as the related guidelines. JetBlue will not allow name corrections if these guidelines are not followed or the terms and conditions aren’t met.

  1. i) To qualify for name corrections on JetBlue Airlines tickets, the flights mentioned on the tickets must be either operated by JetBlue (B6/279) or validated by JetBlue. And in the case of interline or codeshare agreements, the same should be validated by an OA interline JetBlue partner.
  2. ii) All name corrections are done free of cost without any change fees. Passengers aren’t charged any fare difference for name corrections.
  3. iii) As per the rules of the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, only one name correction is allowed per ticket. Any further name correction is treated by JetBlue as a name change which comes under the guidelines of the JetBlue Airlines name change policy.
  4. iv) All additional name corrections are subject to change fees and differences in fare.
  5. v) Name correction doesn’t mean changes to flights, dates and time of travel and fare classes.Such changes aren’t allowed under the rules of the name correction policy.
  6. vi) Mid-travel name corrections are allowed only for minor rectifications of names to match government-issued ID proofs.
  7. vii) Changes to DOB and gender cannot be made along with minor name corrections. Simultaneous correction of DOB and name is considered a name change by JetBlue Airlines and such a change comes under the guidelines of the JetBlue Airlines name change policy. Passengers are also charged a change fee and a difference in fare in accordance with the rules of the name change policy.
  8. viii) For mid-travel name corrections, the DOB and gender of the passenger should remain unchanged.
  9. ix) Minor changes to DOB are allowed under the rules of the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy if no name corrections are being made at the same time. Only minor rectifications in DOB are permitted in such cases that could be caused due to typing errors.
  10. x) For name correction, the OSI Fee Waiver Code, NAMECRT, must be applied at the time of reissue.

Instructions for name correction

The following instructions are given by JetBlue Airlines to facilitate name correction.

  1. i. Whenever a name correction is being performed, efforts should be made first to correct the name on the original PNR. A new PNR with the correct name should be booked only if correction on the original PNR is not possible.
  2. ii. If name correction on the original PNR is not possible, it is better to cancel the flights. This releases the seats on hold back to the inventory, preventing duplication of space on the same flight for the same booking.
  3. iii. Attempts should be made first to reissue the ticket with the same fare class originally ticketed. If that is not possible, tickets should be booked with the lowest available fare class. Passengers and travel agents making such corrections should keep in mind that the original fare basis code should not be changed at any cost.
  4. iv. Re-entry of the Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) must be done with the new name. But the date of birth of the passenger should be the same as the original, i.e., the DOB used in the original booking should remain unchanged in the new SFPD.
  5. v. The ticket should be reissued by putting the OSI Fee Waiver Code in the Tour Code box.
  6. vi. The OSI message, “OSI B6 NAME CORRECTION” must be added to both the original and new PNR.
  7. vii. Passengers and travel agencies, who fail to comply with the rules of the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, will be issued debit memos as a penalty.

The JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy

Name changes aren’t permitted on the PNR once it is ticketed. However, JetBlue Airlines allows passengers to book a new PNR using a new name. It means passengers can book a new PNR in their own names or for another passenger. Thus, a change of passenger is possible under the JetBlue Airlines name change policy. Here are the criteria that must be met and the instructions and guidelines that must be followed for a name change.

Criteria for a name change

As per the JetBlue Airlines name change policy, the basic criteria for a name change are

  1. i. For the tickets to be eligible for a name change, the flight must be operated and validated by JetBlue with only B6 flights and 279 ticketing stock.
  2. ii. For interline and codeshare travel, all flights mentioned in the tickets must be operated and/or validated either by JetBlue or OA Interline JetBlue partners.

Instructions for a name change

The following instructions and step-by-step guidelines must be followed for a name change.

  1. i. First of all, all the segments in the original PNR must be canceled and the ticket should be left in an open status.
  2. ii. Next, a new PNR for the new passenger should be booked with all his details.
  3. iii. Now, the open ticket should be reissued or processed for a voluntary exchange.
  4. iv. Applicable change fees and the difference in fare at the time of ticket reissue must be collected before the final changes are made.
  5. v. Waiver codes are not required for a name change as change fees and fare differences are collected.

How to correct the name on a JetBlue Airlines ticket?

For JetBlue Airlines, a name correction and a name change aren’t the same. With JetBlue Airlines, name correction is comparatively easier than a name change as a process, because a name correction here doesn’t require a reissue of tickets and payment of penalties. Name corrections can be made on the same PNR most of the time. But what makes the JetBlue Airlines name correction and name change process unique is that both can only be made by a JetBlue crewmember either via phone call or live chat. As far as third-party bookings are concerned, correction or change requests can also be processed through travel agencies. The various processes of name corrections and changes are mentioned here. Passengers must be aware of these processes if they want to know how to correct and change names on JetBlue tickets. Here are those processes.

a. Name correction via phone call

JetBlue Airlines allows passengers to make both name corrections and name changes via phone calls. Passengers can dial the toll-free contact numbers, +1- 800-538-2583 and +1-888-261-0054, and directly talk to a JetBlue Airlines crewmember to request name correction. PNR numbers, supporting documents and other details should be kept handy for quick redressal.But there is an additional service fee of $50if name correction is done via phone call.

b. Name correction via live chat on social media

Name Corrections or name changes can also be initiated via live chat on the website or social media. Passengers can log in to the social media handles of the airline and get in touch with customer care representatives directly via live chat. Important links and phone numbers can be collected from here that can help passengers make the necessary corrections or changes. However, name corrections via live chat are not free. A service fee of $50 is applicable to name corrections via live chat. For name changes, the service fee is charged over and above the applicable change fees and fare differences.

c. Name Correction through travel agencies

Passengers who purchase their tickets from travel agencies should process name corrections and name changes through them. Travel agencies apply the fee waiver codes in case of name corrections. They also re-enter SFPD data, book new PNRs and reissue tickets for passengers in case of name changes. However, name corrections by travel agencies are guided by strict rules under the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy. Failure to abide by these rules could lead to the issuance of a debit memo from JetBlue Airlines. If a crewmember from JetBlue Airlines performs a name correction or name change for a third-party booking, a service fee of $50 is levied.

How much is the JetBlue Airlines name change fee and JetBlue name correction fee?

The JetBlue Airlines name correction fee is zero because JetBlue doesn’t charge its passengers any fee for name correction. However, a name change with JetBlue is chargeable. Passengers are required to pay an applicable change fee and difference in fare for a name change. The change fee varies across fare types. The JetBlue Airlines name change fee structure is as follows.

  1. i) For the entry-level fare, Blue Basic, a change fee of $100 is levied if the itinerary includes flights to North and Central America and the Caribbean.
  2. ii) For all other routes, the change fee is $200 for the Blue Basic.
  3. iii) For Blue Basic, the applicable change fee plus the fare difference is charged if a name change is requested.
  4. iv) For all other fare types like the Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint, and their refundable versions, no change fee is charged for making a name change. Only the fare differences apply in such cases.
  5. v) As per the rules of the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, only a JetBlue crewmember can make a name change or correction via phone call or chat.And JetBlue charges each passenger an additional service fee of $50 forprocessing the name correction or name change request.


1. Can I correct my misspelled name on the JetBlue Airlines flight ticket?

Yes, as per the rules of the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, you can correct your name if there is a spelling mistake due to a typo, casualness or system limitations.

2. What are the different types of name corrections permitted by JetBlue Airlines?

JetBlue allows five types of basic name corrections and a mid-travel name correction. The five types of name corrections are,

  • i. Corrections of first, middle or last names
  • ii. Changes from nicknames to legal names
  • iii. Corrections of inverted names
  • iv. Addition of middle names
  • v. Addition of an extra last name

As per the terms and conditions of the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, changes in the legal names of the originally booked passengers due to marriage, divorce or adoption are also treated as name corrections.

3. Does JetBlue Airlines charge any fee for a name correction?

No, JetBlue Airlines doesn’t charge any direct change fee for name correction. However, there is a service fee of $50 per passenger if the name correction is done by a JetBlue crewmember via phone call or live chat.

4. How much does a name change cost for a JetBlue Airlines flight?

JetBlue Airlines charges a variable change fee and a difference in fare to make name changes on JetBlue tickets. The change fee depends on the fare type. For Blue Basic, the change fee is $100 for travels within North America and Central America and to the Caribbean. The change fee doubles up to $200 for all other routes. Add to this the fare difference and the service fee of $50 for making the change via phone call or live chat. There is no name change fee for other fare types, but fare difference and the service fee still apply.

5. How many name corrections does JetBlue allow per passenger?

As per the rules of the JetBlue Airlines name correction policy, only one name correction per ticket is allowed. If more than one name correction is requested on a single ticket, it is treated as a name change and the applicable change fee along with the fare difference applies in such case.

6. Can I make a name correction to my JetBlue ticket myself?

No, you can’t. The JetBlue Airlines name correction policy clearly specifies that a name correction or a change in name can only be performed by a JetBlue crewmember over a phone call or via live chat.

7. Can I replace my name with my spouse’s name on my JetBlue ticket?

Yes, you can. As per the JetBlue Airlines name change policy, a name change means a change of passenger. Here, the passenger in the original booking is substituted by a new passenger whose details are entered during the booking of the new PNR. And the old ticket is reissued with the new PNR. So, you can remove your name completely and put your spouse’s name in the new reservation. The fees required to make name changes have been discussed already.

8. How to change a name on the JetBlue account?

As per the JetBlue Airlines name change policy, there are three ways a passenger can change his name on his JetBlue reservations. Here they are.

  • i. Name change via phone call
  • ii. Name change via live chat
  • iii. A name change through a travel agency

9. My name has changed after marriage and the new name reflects on my government-issued ID proof. How should I change my name on the JetBlue ticket?

Changes in legal names due to marriage, divorce and adoption are treated as name corrections by JetBlue Airlines. So, you don’t need to worry. You can replace your old name with the new legal name by calling JetBlue or engaging in live chat with a crewmember without paying any change fee.

10. I have two spelling mistakes in my first and last names. Do I need to pay any fee to correct them?

The JetBlue name correction policy allows only one name correction per ticket. All additional name corrections are treated as a name change and are chargeable with a change fee and a fare difference. So, you have to pay both the change fee and the difference in fare to correct spelling mistakes in your name.

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