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Allegiant Air change name on ticket

Allegiant Air Name Change or Correction Policy

A relatively new entrant in the US aviation scene, Allegiant Air, burst into the American mainstream domestic air travel business as late as June 1998. Originally founded in the year 1997 under the name WestJet Express, the airline courted numerous controversies from day one of its eventful journey, the most prominent among which was the trademark dispute that it lost against the WestJet Air Center from Dakota, resulting in the subsequent change of its name. The initial days were pretty tough for the passenger carrier that operated scheduled and charter flights only between Fresno and Vegas, and the company ended up filing for bankruptcy within two years of its being operational. It took years of hard work and patience on the part of the Nevada-based air carrier to change the tide in its favor. And today, this budget airline is the 9th largest commercial passenger carrier in the domestic US market that flies millions of passengers non-stop every year to hundreds of offbeat locations most major carriers shy away from. However, being an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) that operates on a low-cost business model, the airline doesn’t provide its passengers with most of the in-flight and other services, the regular bundled deals and the operational assistance as part of the standard fare packages that are otherwise offered by almost all domestic and international carriers. No wonder, Allegiant Air doesn’t have a concrete Name Change Policy in place to address issues related to name corrections on tickets. The airline offers this service as an add-on on a per-case payment basis. Important points related to Allegiant Air Name Correction, the Allegiant Air name correction procedure and the Allegiant Air name change fees are discussed in detail below.

Allegiant Air Name Correction Policy

Allegiant Airlines doesn’t have a well-laid name Correction Policy to guide passengers on matters related to name changes or corrections on flight tickets. But it provides assistance to customers who genuinely require a name change or correction. This article compiles all information related to Allegiant Air name correction rules and presents them in the form of guidelines. The guidelines specify in simple terms the conditions for making a name change or correction which are as follows.

  1. i) Allegiant Air allows name correction on tickets if the tickets belong to the 014 ticketing inventory.
  2. ii) In the case of connected flights with other airline segments, Allegiant Air can provide name change assistance to its customers that are only limited to it its own segments.
  3. iii) Passengers can make a name change or correction of up to 4 letters on their first names or surnames. To initiate a name change or correction process that consists of a change in more than four characters, passengers must contact Allegiant Air customer care.
  4. iv) A name change or correction with Allegiant Air requires the re-issuance of flight tickets. Therefore, passengers with refundable tickets can cancel their bookings within 24 hours and rebook with the correct names. However, doing so with base fares and non-refundable tickets would attract additional ticket cancellation charges.
  5. v) As per Allegiant Air Name Change Policy, passengers can correct mistakes on their date of birth while correcting their names on tickets. But as per available information, the rules do not allow a change in gender and DOB at the same time. Passengers have to make separate requests for each of those changes.
  6. vi) Allegiant Air doesn’t allow a change in date and time of travel or in travel destination along with a name correction.
  7. vii) Only one re-issue is permitted per ticket. Correction requests made more than once may attract higher name correction charges.
  8. viii) The guidelines pertaining to the Allegiant Air Name Correction Policy don’t allow any change in passengers in the name of name correction. The passenger who originally booked the ticket and the person who is traveling should be the same.
  9. ix) Any change or correction in name can be made up to seven days prior to the date of the scheduled departure of the booked flight.

Types of Name changes/corrections allowed by Allegiant Air

As per available information, Allegiant Airlines permits its passengers to make the following types of name changes or corrections on tickets.

a. Addition or removal of title, prefix, or suffix to or from the passenger’s name

The Allegiant Airlines Name Change Rules allow passengers to add or remove titles, suffixes and prefixes to and from their names on tickets. Passengers are charged a change fee and a fare difference where applicable.

b. Addition, alteration, or elimination of middle names

Passengers can add, alter or completely remove their middle names from tickets under the Allegiant Air Name Correction Policy to match the Government-issued id proofs. Although a change in middle name is not mandatory as per rules, but passengers may have to pay a change fee and fare difference to get the job done.

c. Correction of names and surnames

A correction request of up to 4 characters is accepted on the first name or surname of the passenger under the Allegiant Air name correction rules. Passengers may need to pay a change fee and a fare difference in case of such a change.

What is the Allegiant name change fee?

The Allegiant Air name change fee depends on the types of name change requests mentioned above. Applicable fees are deducted from the passengers’ bank accounts before the changes are made and tickets are re-issued. The Allegiant change fee structure is as follows,

  1. i) As per the Allegiant Airlines Name Correction guidelines, passengers are charged a fee of $175 and a possible fare difference if they add or remove titles, suffixes or prefixes to or from their names.
  2. ii) Passengers who want to add, alter or remove their middle names from tickets are charged a change fee of $225. They may also be charged a fare difference on top of it.
  3. iii) For name corrections up to 4 letters on Allegiant Air flight tickets, passengers are charged a change fee of $225 plus fare difference if applicable.

How to change name on Allegiant Airline ticket?

Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline. It doesn’t provide its passengers with many of the standard services offered by other airlines as part of its regular packages. Services such as a simple name change or correction are provided as paid add-ons. And ways to make name changes or corrections are also quite limited as compared to the major passenger carriers. Mentioned below are three ways by which an Allegiant Air passenger can initiate a name change or correction process.

1. Change name by calling customer care

The best way to make an Allegiant Air name correction is to call the customer care help desk via the toll-free phone number. Dial +1-888-261-0054 and follow the IVR. The representatives from the airline provide prompt assistance over the phone to make the requested name changes on tickets. Passengers are required to pay applicable name change fees and fare differences.

2. Change name via the official website

One of the most convenient ways to make quick name changes or corrections on Allegiant Airlines tickets is to log on to the official website of the airline,, using valid passenger details and navigating to the “Manage Booking” section, thereby making the desired changes step by step before, finally, saving them in the online reservation system. But please note that Allegiant Air permits online name changes only to the refundable ticket holders such as Trip Flex. For restricted fares, calling the customer care helpdesk is the best available option for a name change.

3. Changing name at the airport

Although it’s a time-consuming process, but physically visiting the airport kiosks is still the best way to change names or make name corrections on flight tickets. The best part is, passengers can directly talk to a live representative from the airline and place their requests in front of him. The response is usually quicker, prompt and more effective. This name change method is suitable for last-minute amendments or complex changes that involve legal name corrections.


1. Can I change my name on Allegiant Air ticket?

No. The Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy doesn’t allow a name change on ticket. But passengers can make minor name corrections on their Allegiant Air flight tickets if there are typing errors and spelling mistakes in names.

2. Can I transfer my Allegiant Air ticket to someone else’s name?

Allegiant Air tickets are non-transferable. The passenger who booked the ticket must travel on the scheduled date.

3. Do I need to pay a change fee to get my name corrected on Allegiant Air ticket?

Yes, name corrections are chargeable with Allegiant Airlines. Passengers are charged between $175 and $225 plus a fare difference if applicable for different types of name corrections.

4. Can I rectify my Allegiant Air ticket after a legal name change?

Allegiant Airlines doesn’t have a well-defined and clearly-laid name change policy in place. But past experiences suggest that the airline keeps passenger convenience in mind and provides all kinds of name change assistance through its customer service help desk. However, all legal name change requests must be substantiated with legally valid documents.

5. Can I cancel my Allegiant Air ticket and rebook without paying any charges?

Yes, as soon as you spot a spelling mistake in your name on your Allegiant Air flight ticket, you can cancel your booking and create a new one. You won’t be charged any cancellation fee within 24 hours of booking. However, fare differences may apply while rebooking the ticket and getting a refund would depend on the type of fare opted.

6. Can I get a refund after cancelling my Allegiant Air flight ticket?

If you had a regular ticket and you cancelled it within 24 hours of booking, a non-refundable and non-transferable voucher would be issued in your name that could be used for future travel. For Trip Flex tickets, you would receive a full refund if cancellation is processed within 24 hours of booking through the customer service helpdesk and a non-refundable voucher if the cancellation is processed online by yourself.

7. What is the best way to correct name on Allegiant Airlines ticket?

The best way to correct names on Allegiant Air flight tickets is to call the customer care helpdesk. The airline’s representatives can assist you on call and make the necessary changes as fast as possible.

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