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Allegiant Air Group Booking – Allegiant Charters

Allegiant Airlines Group Booking

Group travel or rather group air travel is a good business nowadays for aviation companies. With global workforce mobility on the rise, high-end executives and their key team members are often shuffled, relocated and continuously mobilized in groups across the world for the purpose of meetings, international seminars, various corporate events, stakeholders’ conferences and whatnot. Similarly, group vacations with family and friends are all-time favorites and are an eternal source of revenue for passenger carriers during peak seasons. And not to forget the rock concerts, world tours and sporting events where our favorite stars and performers travel the world in groups with their teams and entourage. All of these are serious business in monetary terms for the airlines, their travel partners and coordinators.

Needless to say, even an Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier (ULCC) like Allegiant doesn’t want to lose its share of this group travel business. The 9th largest domestic passenger carrier in the US has all the policies, strategies and combinations of products and pricing in place which makes it one of the most sought-after airlines in terms of domestic group travels inside the US, Canada and the Caribbeans. Details about the Allegiant Air Group Booking policy are discussed in this article below with relevant terms and conditions, benefits and FAQs.

The Allegiant Air Group Reservations policy

Allegiant Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier that primarily operates in the domestic US market, some parts of Canada and the Caribbeans. So, group vacations to far-off lands or destination weddings and events in Europe and Asia are out of the question. Therefore, a detailed group reservations blueprint with a focus on international group travel standards and regulations is not required here. The Allegiant Air Group Reservations policy is a simple process-driven strategy with little emphasis on intricate terms and conditions. Important aspects of the policy are discussed below.

The terms & Conditions for Allegiant Air Group Reservations

  1. i. As per theAllegiant Air Group Reservations policy, a group with at least 10 members is eligible to get group booking benefits.
  2. ii. To qualify for group booking benefits under the Allegiant Air charter program, groups need to have a minimum of 40 members with them.
  3. iii. If at any stage during group booking the group count falls below 10 members or below 40 members in the case of charters, passengers automatically get disqualified for the benefits associated with Allegiant Air Group booking policy.
  4. iv. All individuals, corporates, schools, universities, governments and military units, who are willing to book group travel with Allegiant Air, firsthave to fill up and submit the group quote request form, and then wait for a response from the airline.An Allegiant Air group representative contacts passengers through email usually within 1 business day.
  5. v. All quoted group rates provided and benefits promised by Allegiant Air to the passengers are subject to the availability of seats at the time of booking. Allegiant Air doesn’t guarantee those rates and offers beyond a specified date.
  6. vi. As per the Allegiant Air standard baggage norms, passengers are allowed to carry one small personal bag like a purse or laptop bag with them during group travel free of cost. They are also allowed to take a piece of carry-on luggage with them inside the cabin. But they are charged extra for that. Similarly, passengers are charged additional fees for checked baggage.
  7. vii. For the Allegiant Air charter program, baggage fees, catering charges (excluding alcoholic beverages and full-course meals) and airport service charges are included in the quoted charter price.
  8. viii. As per Allegiant Air group booking terms, passengers must bear the hundred percent fuel costs of the charter aircraft.
  9. ix. Passengers can make changes to the itinerary or cancel it completely before the date of deposit.
  10. x. Allegiant Air is an Ultra-low-cost-carrier (ULCC) with minimum package inclusions. Most products and services like extra baggage, preferred seating, onboard food and entertainment are available to group travelerson an a-la-carte basis at extra costs. Similarly, ancillary costs such as travel insurance are also not included in the quoted group ticket prices.
  11. xi. As per the Allegiant Air group booking guidelines, part payments are allowed for group bookings but all dues must be cleared on or before one week from the date of departure.
  12. xii. The Allegiant Air Group booking policy makes it clear that all the bundled group travel packages that include hotel fares, car rentals, seat preference and extra baggage charges are non-refundable. Also, taxes, surcharges and carrier charges are absolutely non-refundable under all circumstances.
  13. xiii. Passengers are not issued any refund or credit voucher against cancellation of group booking within seven days from the scheduled departure. Exceptions are made if passengers have bought TripFlex fares.
  14. xiv. Allegiant Air has a zero-tolerance policy against no-shows and flight misses.Both these are seen by Allegiant as wilful booking cancelation by customers, and the entire booking amount is forfeited.

Allegiant Air Group Travel Benefits

Being a domestic passenger carrier, Allegiant Air doesn’t offer plenty of benefits to group travelers like other airlines. The Allegiant Air group travel benefits are few and simple and yet have all the elements to ensure a fantastic group travel experience. Here they are,

a. Guaranteed Group Rate: Allegiant Air provides guaranteed special rates for groups. With this guarantee, group passengers can secure their bookings with initial deposits and take their time until a specified date to clear the balance payments and complete their booking process, without having to worry about a rise or fall in the group ticket fares.

b. Allegiant Air Charters: Charters is a specialized group travel program from Allegiant Air designed to benefit large groups of passengers (minimum of 40 guests required) who are traveling together to attend an event, meeting, seminar, etc. and notwilling, at the same time, to compromise on quality, comfort and lifestyle. This private group travel program provides the highest quality services guaranteed. The benefits of this specialized travel program are as follows,

  1. (i) Allegiant Air has the modern Airbus A319 and Airbus A 320s in its charter fleet. With Allegiant Charter, groups get a chance to choose the kind of aircraft they wanna travel with.
  2. (ii) Groups can choose the airports where they want to be picked up from and dropped off. The charter program covers all airports in North and Central America, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean depending on their operating constraints and availability.
  3. (iii) With the Allegiant Air charter program, groups can set the departure time of their charter planes.
  4. (iv) Passengers registered under the program are provided faster check-ins at the airports.
  5. (v) Passengers are allowed to choose the menu they want to be served on board.
  6. (vi) Groups get the assistance of a dedicated Allegiant charter representative 24/7.

c. Flexibility in Passenger Data Upload: Allegiant Air offers its group passengers this amazing opportunity to not disclose individual passenger information until a later date mentioned in the contract. With this feature, groups get the flexibility to take their time and prepare the final passenger list carefully before uploading the passenger-wise personal data to the reservation system, reducing the hassles of changing passenger names multiple times.

d. Easy Name Changes/Corrections: As per the Allegiant Air group booking norms, groups are allowed to make one name change or correction per group passenger free of cost after passenger names are uploaded and until a specified date before departure. Change fees are applied for the second change/correction on each ticket.

e. Flexible Payments: With Allegiant Air group booking, passengers have the flexibility to pay the entire booking amount in easy installments. They can secure the booking and lock the offered prices with some initial deposits and pay the rest on or before a specified date mentioned in the contract.

Allegiant Air Group Ticket Rates

Allegiant Air Group Rates are prepared after thorough considerations of several price-determining factors such as the distance, itinerary, season of travel, date and time of travel apart from expected fares, projected fares and numerous other factors that are best known to the airline companies. Even competitor rates are monitored and automatically matched before preparing the final price list. All of these produce pretty accurate results and are done without any kind of human intervention. The dynamic pricing strategy followed by most airlines is an automatic and continuous process. Even discounts and rebates provided (if any) are auto-calculated which helps companies stay competitive in the market. So, a lot goes behind the scenes when an aviation giant like Allegiant Air offers a group rate to its customers. Allegiant Air offers guaranteed group rates meaning that the Allegiant Air Group rates won’t rise above or go below the quoted group rates till a specified date on or before which the ticketing must be completed and all dues cleared. This fare guarantee allows passengers to hold Allegiant Air group rates for a specific period of time by paying an initial deposit. However, Allegiant Airlines doesn’t offer any Allegiant Air Group Discounts on group ticket rates.

How to book group travel tickets with Allegiant Air?

With Allegiant Air, you can either book regular group travel tickets or you can charter an entire plane. Whatever option you may choose, Allegiant offers both online and offline methods to make your dream group vacation or important corporate event a roaring success, exceeding your expectations by miles. The different ways of group and charter booking with Allegiant are mentioned below.

1. Online group booking through the official website

Online group booking with Allegiant Air is a simple process devoid of any complexities. Passengers can book traditional group travel as well as charter a plane at a low cost through the official website in a few easy steps. The official website of the airline is user-friendly and very easy to operate. Apart from letting passengers process their own bookings, the website also allows them to make various amendments to the group reservations. Mentioned below is the step-by-step procedure for online group booking.

  1. i. To book group tickets online with Allegiant Air, first, you need to type the URL of the official website of Allegiant Air, on your browser and press Enter. This would open the Homepage of the official website.
  2. ii. Once you are on the Homepage, scroll down to the footer section of the page and check out the first column with the heading, ‘Company.’ Look at the fourth option on the first column called ‘Groups/Charters.’ Click on that option.
  3. iii. You will be directed to a new page dedicated to group and charter flight bookings. There is a large heading that reads, “SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY.” Just below the heading, there is a deep-blue button with “Request a Quote” written on it. Click on that button.
  4. iv. This would open a blue pop-up dialogue box with the heading “REQUEST FOR QUOTE” and a short thanks note written on it on its left. On the right, there is a dropdown option box with options like “less than 40 passengers” and “40 or more passengers” to choose from.
  5. v. Just below that box, there is a question that reads, “What type of trip are you planning?” And right below that interrogative sentence, there are two options – ‘Group’ & ‘Charter’, out of which one must be selected. If your group is expected to have more than 40 members, then you may choose any of the options depending on your travel plans and budget. But if your group size is below 40, the ‘Charter’ option is automatically canceled. In that case, group travel is the only option and you can’t hire a plane at least online.
  6. vi. Once you have selected the correct option, click on ‘NEXT.’ The website would immediately ask for your email address. Provide your email address on the designated box and click on ‘NEXT.’ This would open the group quote request form. Fill up the form and submit it.
  7. vii. Once the group quote request form is received by the airline, an Allegiant representative would respond to your request with a price quote via your email address as early as possible.
  8. viii. If you agree to the price quote and the ensuing terms and conditions, you carry on with the process of buying the group tickets online.

2. Offline group booking by email

You can also complete the entire group booking process offline without you having to do anything through the official website at all. You can simply contact the dedicated Allegiant Airlines group help desk by sending an email to the below-mentioned address,

Once you do that, an Allegiant representative would contact you within 1 business day. Now, you can provide him with all details and the e-tickets would be sent to your email address if you agree to the group ticket rates and the terms and conditions and pay the booking amount.

3. Group booking through agents

As far as group booking with Allegiant Airlines is concerned, you can also complete the process without any hassle through authorized travel agencies. Contact your local travel agent and get the best group deals Allegiant can provide. The best thing about this process is there is very little that you have to do for your group travel booking with Allegiant Air, as all process-related formalities are going to be taken care of by your tour agency.


1. Does Allegiant Airlines offer group rates?

Yes, Allegiant Airlines offers guaranteed group rates for groups with a minimum of 10 members and above.

2. What is the minimum passenger requirement to charter a flight with Allegiant?

You can charter an entire flight with Allegiant Airlines if you have a minimum of 40 members in the group.

3. Maximum how many members can be fit in an Allegiant Air charter plane?

Allegiant Airlines offers two types of planes for chartering - Airbus A319 and Airbus A 320s.Both these carriers can comfortably carry more than 150 passengers at a time.

4. Where does Allegiant fly? Can we book international group travel with Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines is a very low-cost domestic passenger carrier that flies to destinations within the US, Canada and the Caribbeans. Allegiant doesn’t fly to any international destination to date. So, you can’t book international group travel with Allegiant Airlines.

5. Are my baggage fees included in the Allegiant Air group ticket price?

The regular Allegiant Air Group ticket prices do not include the baggage fees. But the charter ticket prices do. Each ticketed passenger is permitted as per the standard baggage norms to carry with him a small personal item like a laptop, a purse or a briefcase, and a carry-on bag.

6. Are name changes allowed on Allegiant Air group bookings?

As per Allegiant Airlines group booking policy, groups are allowed to make one name change/correction per passenger free of cost until a specified date mentioned in the contract.

7. Can I get a refund for mygroup booking with Allegiant Air?

Allegiant group ticket holders can cancel part or entire group bookings without any penalty within 24 hours of booking if the scheduled departure is at least 7 days away.However, passengers don’t get any refund if cancellation requests are made within 7 days from departure.

8. Can I cancel one person from the group on my itinerary?

You can cancel one person from your group by visiting the ‘Manage Travel’ section of the official website of Allegiant Airlines. In the ‘Manage Travel’ section, first, retrieve your booking info by confirming your identity and then delete the passenger name by clicking on the ‘Remove Traveler’ option on the ‘Trip Summary’ page. This way you can cancel as many passengers as you want from the group booking except one.

9. Can we get a refund of our hotel booking fees if we cancel our entire group booking?

No. All group vacation packages including hotel fares, transportation costs, activities and sightseeing charges, baggage and seat fees and applicable taxes are non-refundable as per the Allegiant Air Group booking policy.

10. Can we upgrade our hotel if we have booked a group vacation package with Allegiant Air?

No. You have to cancel and rebook the package if the booking has been confirmed.

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