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Everything you need to know about Delta Airlines Group Booking

Delta Airlines Group Booking

Group travels are always fun. Group travel creates bonds, deepens friendships and produces long-lasting relationships. Group travels help people cut travel costs by pooling and best utilizing the resources. Group travel with like-minded people touches the heart and creates lifelong memories. Group travel means collective learning and knowledge sharing. Group travel means safety, buying power and a collage of varied life experiences. Group travel also means collective responsibility and increased cooperation between people. Group travels may be enjoyed with family members, colleagues or friends. Group travels may be undertaken by students, teachers, sportsmen, politicians as well as corporate delegates. Group travels may be organized by schools and colleges, clubs, corporate or government entities and even entertainment companies. Whatever it is, all group travels have one thing in common - the special treatment they receive from the travel agencies, airlines, hotels and local transport companies. Starting from the special airfares to the discounted hotel room tariffs, and added lucrative travel benefits to reduced cost on local sightseeing, group travels are always worth undertaking.

Understandably, group travels are a win-win for both the travelers as well as the service providers. If travelers receive extra benefits and discounted rates, service providers like large airline companies receive a revenue boost from group travel ticket bookings.

Therefore, commercial airlines like Delta do everything they can as per norms to attract group travelers. The 100-year-old American airline has an elaborately-written Delta Airlines Group Booking policy that promises all group travelers special privileges and exclusive travel benefits. Important points related to the Delta group booking policy along with the relevant terms and conditions are put down below.

The Delta Airlines Group Reservations policy

Since group bookings are bulk bookings that yield higher revenue, greater profits and quicker returns for commercial carriers, groups receive special treatments, discounted fares and extra benefits from them. And Delta too offers various packages and special privileges to the groups to get a major chunk of this business, as Delta can’t afford to lose such easy revenue-generating opportunities. It has a comprehensible group reservation policy that lays down all the terms and conditions for group bookings unambiguously. However, Delta Airlines also states clearly in its group booking policy that it may consider imposing additional restrictions on groups if required by adding more clauses to the terms and conditions during peak travel periods. Let us discuss the group booking terms and conditions in detail below.

Delta Airlines Group Reservations terms & Conditions

  1. i. As per theDelta Airlines Group Reservations policy, all groups that book multiple flight tickets with Delta must have at least 10 members in their teams to be eligible to deriveall the group booking-related benefits and privileges associated with the Delta group travel scheme. This condition clearly distinguishes between multiple flight ticket bookings and group travel ticket bookings and specifies that even a group with eight members would not enjoy such benefits as the guaranteed special fare and other exclusive services provided by the airline under the group travel scheme.
  2. ii. Changes made to the group such as the addition or removal of group members after reservations are made would necessitate reconsideration of the agreed fare, terms and conditions. The group might be required to pay a higher ticket price for the added group member. Similarly, any change in itinerary might require the payment of additional fare for the entire group.
  3. iii. As per the Delta Airlines Group Reservation policy, all group travel-related information including the Delta terms and conditions are strictly confidential between Delta sales representatives, group coordinators and travel agents which must not be disclosed to any outsider, not even to the individual group members.
  4. iv. All traditional group tickets would accrue mileage as per the SkyMiles accrual policy, but such tickets do not qualify for SkyMiles upgrades. Group tickets booked under the Delta Vacations program get all SkyMiles benefits including earning Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) if the group members are based in the US.
  5. v. All group reservations must adhere to norms under Delta’s standard contract of carriage. All applicable ticket and fare rules including restrictions apply to such bookings.
  6. vi. Group travel bookings can’t bypass government laws and travel-related rules. Delta Airlines would not take responsibility for complications arising due to non-adherence to documentation guidelines.
  7. vii. The offers and benefits presented to groups by Delta Airlines in relation to group travel ticket bookings are subject to change anytime at the sole discretion of the airline without any prior notice.
  8. viii. As per the terms and conditions of Delta Airlines group booking policy, the airline can’t be held accountable for any damage caused during performances of any of the services promised irrespective of whether the airline had prior knowledge of such possible damage or not.
  9. ix. The terms and conditions and its provisions as presented to groups by Delta Airlines in response to the receivedgroup travel ticket booking request can’t be altered, waived or modified by any agent, Delta Airlines representative or servant.
  10. x. As per Delta Airlines group travel policy, deviation in the itinerary for n number of passengers is allowed before the utilization date in case of group ticket booking. All passengers deviating from the group are required to pay the applicable fees by credit card only. However, no deviation fee is charged from them before the utilization date.
  11. xi. Deviations are allowed beyond the utilization date and after the tickets are booked subject to payment of the ticket reissue fee and applicable fare difference.
  12. xii. Deviation in the itinerary is not allowed if the journey commences.
  13. xiii. Delta Airlines issues new confirmation letters to groups if additions, reductions and deviations are made.
  14. xiv. Delta Airlines Group Booking norms allow group travel tickets to be booked much earlier. There is a completely detailed chart regarding this furnished on the official website of the airline. As per the chart, group bookings can be made up to 240 days prior to the departure for itineraries within the US and Canada, the Caribbeans and the Asia-Pacific. The same period extends to 331 days for itineraries that include Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
  15. xv. As per the Delta Airlines Group Reservations policy norms, all group coordinators who are making group bookings online or travel agents who are making group reservations on their behalf must fill up and submit the online Group Travel Request Forms first and then wait for a favorable response from the airline. As per norms, United Airlines takes a maximum of 2 business days to respond to the customers’ bids.
  16. xvi. To book meeting rooms under the Corporate Group Travel policy, and avail of the benefits associated with the Delta Meeting Products, the groups must have between 15 to 50 group members.
  17. xvii. Corporate groups subscribing to Delta Meeting Productsby signing the Corporate Sales Agreement (CSA) would as per group booking norms, get additional group travel discounts and meeting assistance from a dedicated team of specialists.
  18. xviii. All price confirmations provided by Delta Airlines to customers who submitted group booking requests are subject to the availability of seats at the time of booking. Ticket prices have to be reconsidered and revised if no booking is made within the specified deadline.
  19. xix. Travel extras such as extra baggage costs and insurance costs are not included in the ticket price offers made by Delta for group travel ticket booking.
  20. xx. Delta Airlines also provides its passengers the option to buy Cancellation Protection Plan at an additional cost under the group travel policy. This allows groups to get full refunds in case of cancellation due to any reason.
  21. xxi. The full or partial payment deposit made against group travel booking is non-transferable and non-refundable. Even the full booking amount is forfeited if the entire group cancels the trip beyond the utilization date mentioned in the contract.

Delta Airlines Group Travel Benefits

Delta Airlines offers various kinds of benefits to passengers who have booked tickets under the Delta Airlines group travel scheme. There are Traditional Group travel benefits as well as special all-inclusive vacation package deals that offer special rebates and discounts to all individual group members. More on the Delta group travel benefits are discussed below,

a. Special Fares & Rebates: Delta Airlines guarantees special fares for all passengers who book tickets under the Delta Airlines group travel scheme. Apart from the regular Delta Airlines Group Discounts on prices, groups can also bag additional discounts of up to $225 depending on the individual ticket or package prices for each group member who buys package deals under the Delta Vacations program. There are also special double rebates for group memberswho choose to stay in Delta tie-up hotels and resorts during trips or vacations.

b. Dedicated Sales Support: All groups booking flight tickets under the Delta Airlines Group Travel scheme get dedicated sales support from the Delta Group Booking department. There are service specialists to assist passengers during every stage of their group booking process. Passengers can also get expert advice from Delta Group travel officials regarding the planning of vacations.

c. Customized Itinerary: Group booking experts from Delta Airlines Group Travel department can customize itineraries based on requests if the group size is large. Organizations such as sports bodies and NGOs can benefit from this.

d. Name change flexibility: The Delta Airlines Group Bookingpolicy doesn’t require any names to be put in at the time of group travel ticket booking.The group coordinators or the travel agents just have to mention the total number of members in the groups who are going to travel. This provides additional flexibility to the groups, as they can prepare and submit the final list of passenger names right before the scheduled date of departure, saving them the hassles of last-minute name changes due to the addition or removal of group members. Name changes and corrections are allowed under the policy if passengers still feel the need to make changes to group members’ names. However, name changes or corrections are not allowed for Delta Vacation programs such as Flexible Getaways.

e. Flexibility in Payment& Cancellation: Delta Airlines offers the flexibilityof payment to all groups who are planning to book tickets with Delta under the Delta Airlines Group Reservation Policy. Part-payment deposits are allowed and groups canclear the remaining dues before a specified date. Passengers subscribing to Delta group travel schemes also enjoy the flexibility of buying optional cancellation protection plans to safeguard against a 100% deduction of cancellation charges and forfeiture of the entire booking amount.

f. Delta Vacations: Delta Airlines offers various special package deals such as the Delta Vacations Flexible Getaway plan for group travel bookings from time to time. Such packages provide rebates that can go as high as $225 to each group member on individual ticket prices. Benefits such as the liberty to choose complimentary rooms and room upgrades in lieu of rebates are also available to the group members who have chosen these package deals over regular group bookings. Group members can also get double $100 rebates for staying in tie-up hotels and resorts that participate in the Delta Vacation programs. Even the group coordinators get chances of receiving discounts of up to $100 on their individual package prices for each booking made. However, these benefits are limited to Delta Vacations package deals only.

g. Delta Meeting Products: Delta Meeting Network is a corporate meeting planning service provided by Delta to all corporate groups which have group members coming from different parts of the country or the world. There are Delta Meeting Products which are specifically designed for corporate group travelers that allow groups to plan and hold meetings on the move in between 300 and 1000 Delta locations. There is a standard Corporate Sales Agreement (CSA), which if signed, gets corporate group travelers additional group travel discounts and meeting assistance from a dedicated team of specialists.

Delta Airlines Group Ticket Rates

Delta Airlines Group Rates are different for each group that has applied for group travel tickets under the Delta Airlines Group Booking policy. The group rates are calculated based on considerations of several important factors such as the number of members in the group, the distance of intended travel, destination type, the season of travel (holiday or normal), time and date of travel (peak and off-peak hours, weekends and weekdays), and, of course, the fares offered by competitors for the same destination and same ticketing class. The group ticket rates vary accordingly depending on all factors specified above. However, Delta Airlines quoted group rates are valid only up to a certain specified date beyond which the airline doesn’t guarantee its applicability.

How to book group travel tickets with Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines makes group bookings a fairly easy task for passengers. Among many ways of group travel ticket booking, the below-mentioned are the most prominent ones which have been discussed in great detail along with the complete step-by-step procedures involved.

1. Online group travel booking

Online group booking with Delta Airlines is a hassle-free experience. The official website of the airline is easy to navigate and simple to follow. Even the instructions given are equally easy to comprehend.Here, we have discussed the entire online group booking procedure step-by-step for the readers’ understanding. The process is as stated below.

  1. i. First, write the URL of the official website of Delta Airlines,, on the search bar and press enter. Once you are on the homepage, click on the search bar on top, type “group travel” and press enter. This would fetch a long list of search results.
  2. ii. Click the first search result with the heading, “Group Travel.” And it would direct you to a new page with the same name. Get useful but brief information about the Delta Airlines Group Travel policy on this page.
  3. iii. Now, go back to the previous page and click on the second search result with the heading, “Group Travel Request Form.” This would take you straightaway to the page with the same name. Select anyone of the options that fits you the most (Travel Agency/Organization or Company/ Group Coordinator or Leader).
  4. iv. The entire Group Travel Request Form has to be filled out completely in 5 easy steps. Go through each one of them, and once the complete request form is filled up, just Submit the form.
  5. v. Now, wait for Delta Airlines to respond to your request.

You can also land directly on the Delta Airlines Group Travel Request Form page, by copying the following URL and pasting it on the search bar of your browser.

2. Group Travel Booking by Phone

For immediate assistance and expert guidance on group travel ticket booking with Delta, passengers can contact the dedicated Delta Airlines Group Booking team on the toll-free phone number 1-800-532-4777 from Monday to Friday all year between 8a.m and 8p.m (EST) and talk to a live representative from the airline. Only US and Canadian passengers can call this phone number.For international passengers who want to book group travel tickets with Delta Airlines by phone, there are local Delta helpdesk numbers which can be found on the official website of the airline. The group travel representative from the Delta Group and Specialty Sales Centerwould collect all required details from group leaders or coordinators, fill up the Group Travel Request Form and complete the booking process.

3. Delta Group Booking through Agency Partners

Group leaders can also get in touch with Delta-approved Agency Partners for group travel ticket bookings. Agency partners managed by Delta Airlines have to contact the dedicated Delta Sales Account Executives at the Delta Group and Specialty Sales Centerfor any kind of booking-related assistance.

Delta Airlines group travel cancellation policy

Delta Airlines group travel cancellation policy is a well-written set of strict guidelines. Mentioned below are the main takeaways from the policy,

  1. i) Any payment made to Delta Airlines towards group travel bookings is completelynon-refundableandnon-transferable.
  2. ii) If the group size shrinks to below 10 members due to one or more members canceling their tickets at the last moment, all group entitlements become void and benefits promised are immediately withdrawn by Delta Airlines. The entire booking deposit is forfeited in such case and if any group member wishes to continue his travel plans with Delta, has to do so by individually creating a new booking with Delta Airlines based on the available fare at that point in time.
  3. iii) The Delta Airlines group travel cancellation policy requires group coordinators or leaders to collect the cancellation reference number from the Delta group travel department in case of complete group cancellations. For partial cancellations, no such reference number is needed to be obtained.
  4. iv) Delta Airlines allows groups to completely cancel bookings without paying any cancellation fee if cancellation requests are submitted before the last day to cancel or reduce, specified in the group ticketing contract.
  5. v) The entire partial deposit or complete booking amount would be forfeited if any group decides to cancel the entire reservation post the utilization date. The same rule applies to a complete no-show.
  6. vi) Ticketed passengers can get a full refund under the Delta Airlines group travel cancellation policy if cancellation requests are submitted at least 60 days before departure. The refunds would be issued as per the policy within 60 days of the start of the journey.
  7. vii) Applicable cancellation fees are always deducted from the booking deposits.


1. Can I book Delta Airlines group travel tickets six months before the intended date of travel?

Yes you can. You can book Delta Airlines group travel tickets up to 240 days prior to the intended date of travel if the itineraries are within the US or Canada. The same period can be up to 331 days if the itineraries include locations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

2. How many people do I need bring in my group to get benefits under the Delta group travel policy?

To be eligible for Delta group travel benefits, you need to have at least 10 members in your group. If the number of group members goes down below 10, at any point of time before the scheduled date of travel, all group travel benefits promised by Delta become void.

3. What is the maximum number of tickets I can book with Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines doesn’t mention the maximum number of flight tickets one can book anywhere in theDelta Airlines Group Reservations policy.

4. Does Delta Airlines allow a change in itinerary for group travel bookings?

Delta Airlines allows a deviation in the itinerary for unlimited number of group members prior to the utilization date. All deviating group members have to pay the applicable fare in such case. However, passengers aren’t charged any deviation fees for changes in the itinerary.

5. As a group coordinator, do I get any special discount under the Delta Airlines group travel scheme?

Delta Airlines grants special status to all group coordinators. Apart from other benefits, group coordinators can earn rebates of up to $100 for each booking made in the groupUnder the Delta Airlines group travel scheme. If group travel tickets are booked under the Delta Vacations program, group coordinators also get the chances of receiving complimentary offers and benefits from tour operators, hotels and resorts.

6. Are name changes or corrections allowed on Delta flight tickets under the group travel scheme?

Passengers booking their group travel tickets with Delta are provided the flexibility of not disclosing the details of individual group members until a certain specified date mentioned in the contract. This reduces the chances of making spelling mistakes in names and causing other errors, subsequently bringing down the number of name change requests. In spite of this, Delta Airlines permits name changes and corrections on group travel tickets.

7. Can I add one group member after the group booking is made?

Yes you can. But changes made to the group like addition of a group member after the group travel tickets are booked may result in the reconsideration and revision of the special fare quoted by Delta. As a result, groups might end up paying higher ticket prices for the same.

8. Do Delta Airlines group travel tickets accrue mileage under the SkyMiles accrual policy?

All traditional group travel tickets with Delta Airlines accrue mileage under the SkyMiles Accrual policy. But such tickets do not qualify for SkyMiles upgrades.

9. Can I get a refund for cancelling my group ticket booking with Delta?

As per the Delta Airlines Group Booking terms and conditions, you can get a refund after cancelling your group travel tickets with Delta, if the cancellation request is made at least 60 days prior to the date of travel.

10. Does Delta Airlines forfeit the booking amount in case of cancellation under any circumstances?

Delta Airlines forfeits the entire booking amount or the total deposit made if the cancellation request is submitted after the utilization date specified in the group travel contract.

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