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How to change name on a Lot Polish Airlines ticket?

Lot Polish Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy

The official flag carrier of Poland and the founding member of IATA, Lot Polish, is one of the oldest airlines in the world. Established in the year 1928 by the Polish Government, the airline operated its first international flight to Vienna in August 1929. Since then, the airline has served passengers from all over the world flying to more than 120 destinations including countries in Asia, Europe and North America. The airline has a present fleet size of 79 aircrafts, which makes it one of the largest commercial carriers in Europe.

While the airline is known for its cheaper ticket prices, efficient operations and world-class customer service, it also scores high in terms of formulating various customer-centric policies. The Lot Polish Name Change Policy is one of them. It addresses the most common issues faced by passengers regarding misspelled names on tickets. The policy talks about the types of name changes it allows, the procedure involved and the name change fees. Find more on this topic in the article below.

Lot Polish Airlines name change policy

The Lot Polish Airlines Name Correction Policy presents the below-mentioned guidelines to make its passengers aware of the latest name correction rules and exceptions. The detailed guideline is not only helpful to passengers who want simple name corrections on their Lot Polish flight tickets, but also for customers who want a complete or partial change in name or surname due to a changed legal or marital status. Here is the complete guideline in bullets.

  1. 1. The Lot Polish Airlines Name Correction Policy governs name correction procedures only on LO(080) ticket inventories. Its rules apply to all tickets from the same 080 ticketing stock irrespective of their booking class and ticketing fare.
  2. 2. The name correction policy allows simple name corrections as well as changes in names or surnames due to changes in passengers’ legal or marital status. However, the word, change, doesn’t mean a change in the actual individual who is traveling. In other words, a name change doesn’t mean a change in the passenger.
  3. 3. Any correction or change in name or surname on a Lot Polish ticket requires the ticket to be reissued. The code, NCLO080, must be entered in the endorsement field in such case.
  4. 4. Passengers and travel agents are allowed to make name corrections of up to 3 letters in normal cases under this policy. For name corrections that consist of more than 3 letters, passengers must contact the LOT helpdesk to get the changes updated on the airline’s reservation system.
  5. 5. In the case of codeshare flights or international travel with segments that belong to other airlines, passengers are advised to cancel their existing bookings and create new ones by contacting LOT Helpdesk instead of trying to correct their names on each of the other airlines (OAL) segments themselves. There is an option to create a new booking while retaining the original OAL flight segments. However, all airlines have their own name correction policies and rules which may lead to rejections of the name change requests, ultimately resulting in the cancellation of segments. The Lot Polish Help Desk operates as per the standard rules in such cases, helping its passengers create new bookings at higher available fares even if the original booking classes for the OAL segments are not available anymore.

The Lot Polish Airlines Name Change Policy also has certain exceptions to the name change and correction rules under their corporate “CIP” and “LOT DLA Firm” programs. The exceptions allowed under the corporate programs are mentioned below,

  1. 1. The Lot Polish Airlines corporate programs like CIP and LOT DLA Firm allows changes in passenger for certain classes and fares.
  2. 2. While the airline maintains its no change in passenger policy for the promotional and basic ticketing fares like the SAVER, it allows the change of passenger for all other fares like STANDARD, FLEX and non-VAB for classes Q and above.
  3. 3. The best part is that Lot Polish Airlines doesn’t charge any change fee under the CIP program for the change of passengers. The guidelines related to the CIP program are applicable in all markets across the world.
  4. 4. Overall guideline related to change in passenger name remain the same for the LOT DLA Firm program, the only difference from CIP being in the name change fee of between 200 PLN and 250 PLN that is levied on tickets for each such change. Also, the LOT DLA Firm program is specifically applicable to the Polish market.

The Lot Polish Airlines Name Correction Policy also specifies the types of name changes it allows on tickets and the conditions associated with them. They are as follows.

  1. a. The name correction rules by Lot Polish Airlines allow corrections of up to 3 letters on the name as long as the mistake is genuine and unintentional and the name on the ticket relates to the same person before and after the change even if both the names sound completely different.
  2. b. The policy also allows corrections of up to 3 letters on surnames that consist of more than 1 letter, provided such mistakes do not completely alter the meaning of the surnames. Ex: MICHELE to MICHELLE.
  3. c. Passengers can change the incorrectly specified gender and title (Mr. to Mrs. And vice versa) on the ticket.
  4. d. Lot Polish Airlines accepts name and surname change requests from passengers due to changes in their legal or marital status like adoption, marriage or divorce.
  5. e. The Lot Polish Airlines Name Change Policy permits name changes where diminutives of names have been used. Ex: BARBIE in place of BARBARA, DEB in place of DEBORAH and ALI in place of ALISON.
  6. f. Passengers can correct their names under the policy if they have mistakenly inverted their names and surnames on tickets like AMANDA WILLIAMS to WILLIAMS AMANDA.
  7. g. Passengers can request a name correction under the policy if parts of their names or surnames are cut off by the reservation system. Ex: STEPHENS/ROGER in place of STEPHENSON/ROGER.
  8. h. Passengers can also add their second surnames or middle names to their names on tickets to match the Government-issued id proofs.

There are two very important points to note here about the Lot Polish Airlines Name Correction Policy which are,

  1. i) The policy doesn’t allow any other type of name correction other than the ones mentioned above.
  2. ii) No waiver is required to make the types of name corrections listed above.

However, exceptions to the name correction rules are also allowed at times if the airline is certain that the passenger requesting a name correction and the one, who is actually going to travel, is the same person. Passengers in such cases are advised to directly contact the LOT Helpdesk even if their name correction or change requests do not fall under any of the allowed name change types or categories specified above. The Help Desk provides additional support to passengers like processing approval for refunds and helping in the purchase of new tickets.

LOT Polish Airlines name change procedure

The name change or correction process on a Lot Polish Airlines ticket is very simple. There are different ways to change or correct names on tickets. Mentioned below are a few of them.

Name change via Lot Polish website

The easiest and the most convenient way to change names on flight tickets nowadays is to log on to the official websites of the airlines and make changes or corrections yourselves. The same holds true for Lot Polish Airlines whose official website, www.lot.com, is both user-friendly and easy to navigate. To get your name corrected, you need to simply log on to the website using your passenger details like PNR number, reference id and last name, and make the necessary changes in the reservation system by clicking on the “Manage Booking” section. However, the only limitation is that you can’t correct more than 3 letters of your name through this process.

Name change through travel agents

Passengers can get their names corrected on flight tickets by contacting their travel agents who can make changes up to 3 letters independently through GDS (Global Distribution System). But the responsibility of verifying whether all segments between the GDS and the airline system are synchronized fully and whether the change has actually taken place in the airline’s system lies with both the passenger and his travel agent in this case. Passengers should be sure that the booking status is confirmed across all booking segments.

Name change by calling Lot Help Desk

Passengers need to contact the Lot Help Desk by calling their 24 hour helpline number if they have to make name corrections on flight tickets that consist of more than 3 letters, as they may require additional support for the approval of refund and purchase of new tickets.

Name change from the airport kiosk

Partial and complete name changes on Lot Polish flight tickets can also be made from the airport kiosks. Passengers can physically visit the kiosks and submit name change requests with supporting legal documents.

Lot Polish Airlines name change fee

Lot Polish Airlines doesn’t charge any name change fee from its passengers for changing or correcting names on flight tickets if such changes are initiated within 24 hours of booking.

Beyond 24 hours, passengers are charged anywhere between $100 and $250 depending on the complexity of the name change.


1. I need to correct 4 letters of my name on my Lot Polish airline ticket. Would Lot Polish allow it?

Yes. Changes of more than 3 letters on names or surnames are allowed under the Lot Polish Airlines Name Change Policy. But you might have to cancel your ticket and rebook it.

2. Can I correct more than 3 letters of my misspelled name on ticket myself?

To correct more than 3 letters of your misspelled name on ticket, you must call the Lot Polish Help Desk. The representatives from the Help Desk can assist you on the correction process by cancelling your ticket, getting a quick approval for refund and helping you in purchasing a new ticket.

3. Can I get my name corrected on my flight ticket if I have an international ticket with connected flights operated by OAL (other airlines)?

You can. But the best option you have in such a scenario is to create a new booking while still maintaining OAL segments as in the old PNR. In case, any of the other airlines reject the change leading to a possible cancellation of a segment, contacting LOT Help Desk would be the best thing to do under the circumstances. The Lot Help Desk would not only assist you in creating a new booking, but also make sure that your ticket is booked at a higher available fare if the original OAL segment is not available anymore.

4. Do I need an authorization or waiver code to change or correct my name on Lot Polish ticket?

The Lot Polish Airlines Name Correction Policy has a strict guideline related to the different types of name changes it allows. And passengers don’t need any authorization or waiver code for the allowed types of name changes.

5. Can I correct my gender information and title on my Lot Polish flight ticket under the airlines’ name correction policy?

Correcting your wrongly specified gender information and title on your LOT flight ticket is possible under the Lot Polish Airlines Name Correction Policy.

6. I have recently married and got my name changed completely. Can I put my new name on my Lot Polish flight ticket?

Yes, you can provided you have the supporting legal document to prove your claim. Lot polish Airlines allows complete or partial name change on 3 occasions, marriage, divorce and adoption.

7. Can I remove my name from the flight ticket and include my spouse’s name under the Lot Polish name change rules?

Lot Polish Airlines allows change in name, not change in passenger. It allows minor name corrections due to typing mistakes or name changes due to legal issues. But the actual person travelling after name change and the person, who originally booked the ticket, should be the same.

8. Does Lot Polish Airlines allow a change of passenger under any circumstances?

It does under its CIP and LOT DLA Firm corporate programs for Standard, Flex and Non-VAB fares and for class Q and above. The CIP program applies to all domestic and international markets and doesn’t involve any charges for the passenger change, whereas, the LOT DLA Firm program applies to the local Polish market only with passenger change charges of between 200-250PLN.

9. How much do I need to pay for a minor name correction within 3 letters on my Lot Polish flight ticket?

Lot Polish Airlines doesn’t charge anything for minor name corrections up to 3 letters if the correction request is processed within 24 hours of booking. Beyond 24 hours, the charges may vary between $100 and $250.

10. Can I add my second surname if it’s missing on my Lot Polish flight ticket?

Yes, you can. The Lot Polish Airlines Name Correction Policy allows addition of second surname on the flight ticket.

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