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How to change name on a Delta flight ticket

There is a saying, “to err is human”, meaning that it is only natural for human beings to make mistakes. Be it in personal situations or in professional surroundings, mistakes are more common in the lives of common men than are commonly perceived. Understandably, simple actions like making flight reservations are also not out of its purview. From forgetting to add middle names to incorrectly spelling their first or last names, or from selecting the wrong titles to their names to inadvertently inverting the first and last names, passengers commit a whole lot of mistakes when it comes to booking their flight tickets. Thankfully, aviation companies do understand and recognize this malady and come up with their own name change policies to ensure smooth and trouble-free journeys for their passengers.

Delta, being one of the best and the most advanced passenger carriers in the US known for its outstanding customer service, is also not an exception. The oldest airline in the US, which has won millions of hearts since it became operational in the year 1925, has, so far, been able to bring more smiles to the faces of its esteemed passengers than any other airline in the US with its well-formulated name correction policy. And much of that can be attributed to the comprehensibility and the ease of implementation of the policy. The Delta Airlines name correction policy is an amalgamation of simple rules and procedures put together considerately keeping passenger conveniences in mind.

Put down below is an elaborate discussion on the entire name change policy, the change fee structure and the step-by-step instructions to follow, along with a bunch of invaluable frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). So, go through the article thoroughly and get as much information as you want about the Delta name change policy.

Delta Airlines Name Correction policy

The Name Correction Policy by Delta clearly separates minor name corrections from significant ones and special scenarios. It allows five types of minor name changes or corrections on its tickets which are mentioned hereunder.

i. Correction to the first name

If the first name is misspelled with an addition or missing out of one or more letters, it can be corrected under this policy. Changes to the first name can also be made to match Government-issued id proofs.

ii. Correction to the middle name

The addition or deletion of the middle name is allowed under the name change policy. Customers can also correct the spelling of the middle name or use abbreviations.

iii. Correction to the last name

As per the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy, correction to the last name with up to a maximum of three characters is considered as a minor change and such corrections can be made by the passengers themselves or travel agents.

iv. Addition to the last name keepingthe first name intact

Customers are allowed to make additions to their last names keeping their first names intact under this policy.

v. Inversion between first and last names on the ticket

If the first and last names of a customer are inverted unintentionally on a Delta ticket, the same is treated as a minor correction which can be effected by the customer himself or any travel agent.

To make the minor name changes or corrections mentioned above on a Delta Airlines ticket, passengers and travel agentsshould keep the below-mentioned points in mind.

  1. i) All corrections have to be made in PNR
  2. ii) Applicable OSI messages should be added to the PNR suggesting that a name change or correction has been made. The OSI messages should read like below,
  3. iii) Tickets should be reissued after name change/correction as an even exchange. Passengers and travel agents have to remember that no change toflight or date would be allowed along with name correction under the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy.
  4. iv) Any name change or correction doesn’t require any waiver code to be applied.

The Delta Airlines Name Change Policy also specifies that certain conditions must be fulfilled to get the maximum benefit from this policy. It has laid down a set of well-defined guidelines to ensure a hassle-free traveling experience for its passengers. Passengers are advised to look through these conditions and keep them in mind while making name changes or corrections to avoid cancellation of the PNR. The guidelines are specified below,

  1. i) To be eligible for making minor name changes or corrections on a Delta Airlines ticket, the ticket has to be from Delta 006 ticket stock
  2. ii) In the case of connected flights, all flights on the ticket must be operated by Delta. If flights operated by other airlines are included in the Delta ticket, then name changes or corrections on such tickets can’t be made by travel agents or passengers. All such changes should be escalated to the Delta Global Sales Support team and must be executed through them.
  3. iii) All tickets must be reissued after a name change or correction. And only one such reissue is permitted under the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy per passenger per ticket. Matters should be escalated to the Global Sales Support team if a passenger attempts a name change for a second time.
  4. iv) The traveler and the passenger mentioned in the original reservation must be the same person. Passengers should understand that the name change policy allows a change in the name not in the individual. Therefore, the inclusion of another person’s name on the ticket while making a name change is prohibited.
  5. v) The Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) containing passenger information must be the same as on the original reservation. The SSR DOCS associated with a reservation is removed from PNR as soon as a name change or correction is made on the ticket. Therefore, entering new SSR DOCS with SFPD for the passenger is a must and good care should be taken to ensure that the new SFPD matches with that on the original reservation.
  6. vi) If a name change or correction has to be made on a ticket that includes travel to or from China, then the reservation should be canceled first and a new ticket must be booked. The Delta Airlines Name Change Policy currently restricts all kinds of name changes or corrections for travels to or from China until further notice.
  7. vii) For roundtrips between the Us and India, all minor or major name changes or corrections should be made by the Delta Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations team only.

Who can correct name on a Delta Airlines ticket?

Most name corrections on Delta Airlines tickets can be made by passengers themselves or by travel agents through the Delta Airlines website or app without even contacting the airline. However, there are certain clearly-mentioned exclusions for which the Delta Global Sales Support team or Delta Reservations must be contacted to effect a name change. The Delta Airlines name correction policy distinctly lays down all such inclusions and exclusions with examples, a summary of which is listed below in bullets.

Cases where travel agents or passengers are eligible to make a name change or correction

  1. 1. James has a round-trip Delta ticket from Los Angeles to Honolulu, and all flights during this travel are operated by Delta. But, James had accidentally put his first name as Jimmy while booking the ticket through his travel agent, whereas he has James written as his first name on all Government-issued id proofs and legal documents. Now, he can get his first name changed and his ticket reissued by the travel agentwithout any hassle. The travel agent needs to enter the applicable OSI message to the PNR and no waiver code is required for the change.
  2. 2. A customer named, James Robert Lee, wants his middle name Robert to be added to his name on a Delta flight ticket without making any changes to his first or last name. He missed it completely while making his reservations through a travel agent. The travel agent can make the change and reissue the ticket without any waiver code.
  3. 3. A passenger named James Wilson found to his dismay that his last name has been misspelled as Willsonn on his Delta Airlines ticket. He calls his travel agent. The agent assures him of a hassle-free name correction and asks him to relax. Since only two letters in the last name are misspelled, the agent makes the correction on the ticket and reissues it without applying any waiver code.
  4. 4. Elizabeth Olsen booked her Delta ticket six months before the date of her intended travel. She got married in between, and she got her name changed to Elizabeth Olsen Anderson on all Government id proofs. Now, she wants to add Anderson to her last name. Her travel agent makes the change and reissues the ticket without any need to call the Delta support team.
  5. 5. Instead of Elizabeth Holmes, the passenger mistakenly inverts her name as Holmes Elizabeth on her Delta ticket. Now, she or her travel agent can make corrections on the ticket without applying any waiver code.

Scenarios where passengers or travel agents must contact Delta Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations to make a name change or correction

  1. 1. Andy has a minor name correction to make on his first name on a Delta ticket. The Delta-coded ticket is from Phoenix to Paris while the flight is operated by Air France. As per the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy, Andy or his travel agent must contact Delta Support for the name correction.
  2. 2. Bob already got his name corrected once on his Delta ticket and got his ticket reissued. Now, he wants to add his middle name on the ticket to exactly match his name on the Government id. His travel agent must contact Delta support to do this.
  3. 3. Samantha has a round trip ticket to India and wants to correct her misspelled first name on her Delta ticket. She or her travel agent should be in touch with Delta Support team to make the minor correction.
  4. 4. Samantha Vincent found that her last name has been grossly misspelled as Vinnsenntt on her Delta flight ticket. Since the number of letters to be corrected on her last name, in this case, is more than three, Delta Support Team must be contacted to make the required change.
  5. 5. Robert Williams had his name as Williams Roberts on his Delta ticket and he wishes to get it corrected apart from getting his middle name Allen added to it. His travel agent, in this case, must contact Delta Support for assistance.

How to correct the name on a Delta Airlines ticket?

Passenger convenience is the topmost priority for Delta. Being a legacy carrier known for its strong base of loyal customers, Delta doesn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary when it comes to providing exceptional customer service. The same approach reflects in its name correction policy as well. The airline has introduced various ways to assist customers in getting their names changed or corrected without any hassle. Mentioned below are the most common and useful ones among them.

a. The Official Website of Delta Airlines

One of the easiest ways to get your name changed or corrected on a Delta ticket is to log on to the official website of Delta Airlines,, and navigate to the relevant pages. The Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy clearly lays down the steps involved in the process, which the travel agents or passengers can follow to make the necessary corrections or changes without calling the Delta Support team for any kind of assistance. They simply need to access the “my trips” & “manage booking” segments of the website and correct their details. The instructions given are well laid and easy to follow.

b. Delta Mobile Apps

The Delta mobile app is a very advanced tool that brings all travel-related conveniences to the hands of an individual passenger. Once downloaded on mobile devices, customers can make various changes to their Delta tickets including a name change through this useful and user-friendly app.

c. Delta Support Phone Number

The Atlanta-based airline has a dedicated customer support team to assist customers and agents on any travel or booking-related issues including the ones where a name change or correction is required. They have different divisions, each with its dedicated customer service phone number. Most of the divisions are operational 24×7. So, customers should log on to the website and find the appropriate contact number to make a name change.

d. Visiting Airport Kiosk

Among the various ways of changing names or making simple name corrections, visiting the airport kiosk and getting in-person assistance is probably the best option, especially, for those passengers who are not that fond of ever-changing technology. The best thing about this process is that passengers can get instant help from airline staff which can save both time and effort.

How much is the Delta Airlines name change fee?

The Delta flight name change fee structure is as follows:

  1. i) There is no change fee for name correction on a Delta ticket if the change is done within 24 hours of booking.
  2. ii) Beyond 24 hours, this service is chargeable at the rate of $200 per passenger for a single change in name on premium economy tickets and $100 on business class tickets.
  3. iii) Passengers are charged $150 for a name correction on Economy Delight tickets and $100 on Premium Economy tickets.
  4. iv) Business class ticket holders are exempted from paying any fees for name correction even after 24 hours.

Please note that these fees are subject to change anytime at the sole discretion of Delta Airlines. Therefore, passengers should better login to the official website of the airline and find out the latest applicable change fees before proceeding with the change. They can also call the Delta Customer Service helpline number for more details.


1. Can I change my name on a Delta ticket after marriage?

Certainly you can. Delta Airlines allows major name changes on tickets on following three occasions,

a) Marriage

b) Divorce

c) Adoption

2. Do I need to pay the fare difference if I change my name on a Delta ticket?

The Delta Airlines Name Change Policy makes it mandatory to generate a new PNR and reissue the ticket once a change or correction in name is made on a Delta ticket. Therefore, passengers may have to pay the fare difference if required on the day of reissuance of ticket.

3. Is there any assurance that my reissued ticket with Delta will be in the same class as original after a name change?

As per the Delta name change policy, a reissued ticket after a name change or correction would be in the same or lower available class.

4. Can I change the passenger name on a Delta Flight ticket?

Yes, you can. But the passenger who originally booked the ticket and the actual traveller must be the same person. The name change policy doesn’t allow a change in individual.

5. Can I change my name on Delta SkyMiles?

Yes, you can. You can change your name on SkyMiles yourself by logging on to the official website or by calling the Delta customer support.

6. Does Delta Airlines allow name changes/corrections on international tickets?

It does. But there are two conditions:

a) The tickets must be from Delta 006 ticket stock

b) The said travel is not to or from China

Name changes/ corrections are allowed on all other cases of international travel except these exclusions.

7. Can I change my name on a Delta ticket if I am travelling to India?

Yes, you can, but only by calling Delta Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations. As per Delta Airlines Name Corrections Policy, passengers and travel agents are not allowed to make such changes.

8. Can I get my misspelled last name corrected if more than three letters need to be changed?

Certainly, you can, but not by yourself or through your travel agent. You must contact Delta Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations in such case to make the change.

9. Can I change my name on a Delta international ticket with connected flights operated by Virgin Atlantic?

Yes, you can, but only with assistance from Delta Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations team.

10. Where do I find the waiver code to make corrections to my misspelled first name on a Delta ticket?

No waiver code is required to make name correction on a Delta ticket.

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