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How to change name on Iberia flight ticket

Iberia Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy

The official flag carrier of Spain, Iberia Airlines, is the largest Spanish airline in the world that connects Europe with Latin America. Established in 1927, the Madrid-based airline is one of the oldest passenger and freight carriers in the world whose popularity keeps growing with time among both leisure and business-class travelers. With a massive fleet size of around 200 aircraft, Iberia Airlines operates almost 1000 flights each day, flying directly to 97 destinations across 40 countries in the world. It also flies to another 60 destinations in 25 countries via code-sharing and interlinking agreements. The International airline, which was Europe’s first to start a frequent-flyer program named Iberia Plus, was semi-privatized in 1999, with British Airways and American Airlines acquiring 9% and 1% stakes in the company respectively. In September 2009, the Spanish carrier joined the Oneworld alliance, and throughout the last decade, it went on adding more and more routes within the US, increasing its presence and market share across North America.

Apart from transporting passengers and freight, Iberia is also known in the aviation industry for the aviation-related services it provides like aircraft maintenance, airport handling, IT management and in-flight catering. For such a preferred passenger carrier and aviation services provider, maintaining customer satisfaction and formulating customer-centric policies are two of the airline’s topmost priorities. The Iberia Airlines name correction policy is one such important set of guidelines that has a direct impact on passenger convenience and delight. The ensuing discussions provide valuable information such as the Iberia name correction procedure, name change fee and the conditions for a name change on Iberia flight tickets.

Iberia Airlines Name Correction Policy

Iberia Airlines Name Correction Policy is a well-laid set of rules or guidelines that talk about the terms and conditions for a name change or correction on Iberia Airlines tickets. The conditions are as follows,

  1. i) For a name change on an Iberia flight ticket, the originally-issued ticket must be from the Iberia Airlines (IB) 075 ticketing inventory.
  2. ii) The Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy doesn’t allow any name change on the ticket. In other words, passengers can’t completely change their names and include other passengers’ names on Iberia tickets. A change in passenger is not allowed under the policy. The airline duly advises its passengers to be careful while entering their namesduring the creation of bookings so that their names on tickets and the Government Id proofs are the same to avoid complications.
  3. iii) As a general rule, Iberia Airlines allows corrections of typing errors and common mistakes that happen while entering names during ticket bookings. Whether corrections of such typing errors or general mistakes would be chargeable or not, depends on the types of errors in question.
  4. iv) Iberia Airlines allows common name corrections of up to 3 letters on tickets. For name corrections involving more than 3 characters, Iberia Airlines customer care must be contacted.
  5. v) For package bookings of Iberia flight tickets that include car rentals and hotel room reservations, name corrections can only be made by calling Iberia Airlines Customer Care.
  6. vi) As per the Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy, name corrections or changes require the re-issuance of Iberia flight tickets.
  7. vii) Iberia Airlines doesn’t allow name changes or correction on non-refundable tickets other than a few exceptions.

Talking about name corrections on Iberia flight tickets, the airline allows the following types of rectifications on passenger names. Such rectifications are necessary to correct misspelled or missed out names on flight tickets due to typing errors or other mistakes.

  1. a. Iberia Airlines Name Correction Policy allows passengers to add or remove their first names from tickets to match Government-issued id proofs. Ex: A passenger named EMMA REESE JACKSON can add or remove EMMA from her ticketed name depending on what is reflected on her ID card.
  2. b. Although the inclusion of middle names on flight tickets is not mandatory as per aviation laws in most countries, still passengers can add or remove their middle names from their Iberia flight tickets if they wishby following the name correction rules.
  3. c. In case of typing errors or spelling mistakes in surnames, passengers can replace, add or remove one or more letters from the surnames under the Iberia Airlines Name Correction Policy. Ex: Passenger typing QEREZ instead of PEREZ (simple typo), writing SEQUERA instead of SEQUEIRA (simple spelling mistake), or mentioning JOHANSON instead of JOHNSON on the Iberia flight ticket, qualify for a simple name correction under the policy.
  4. d. Iberia Airlines allows name corrections if a passenger has two surnames and he intends to change the order between the two. Ex: The passenger can change his surname from MONTERO ESTRADA to ESTRADA MONTERO as per the Iberia name correction policy. The only condition here is that the name and the original surname must remain unchanged.
  5. e. Iberia Airlines Name Correction Policy permits passengers to change their names on flight tickets if they wish to adjust to the official languages of their countries of origin. Ex: ROBERTO instead of ROBERT.

How much is the Iberia Airlines name change fee?

First thing first, Iberia Airlines doesn’t encourage any name change on flight tickets in the first place and advises all its passengers to take extra care while entering their names on the ticket booking forms at the time of making reservations. It accepts only those requests where passengers genuinely require a name change or correction. And talking about the Iberia Airlines name change fee, passengers should take note of the following points.

  1. a. One of the oldest commercial carriers in the world, Iberia Airlines, usually doesn’t charge any fee for a simple name correction if the change is made within 24 hours of booking the ticket.
  2. b. Beyond 24 hours, passengers may or may not be charged a change fee, which entirely depends on the types of name corrections they want on their Iberia flight tickets and the change fee structure of Iberia Airlines. Usually, passengers are charged anywhere between $50 for a simple typo to $200 for name change or correction requests for Europe-bound international flights.

Please note that under certain circumstances where the name change fee is high, passengers can consider canceling their original Iberia flight tickets and rebooking new tickets with the correct names. However, they might need to pay a high fare difference in such cases. Also, all Iberia flight tickets are not refundable. Only Business Flex ticket holders can benefit from this flexibility.

How to make a name change on Iberia flight ticket?

There are many ways a passenger can initiate a name change or correction process on his Iberia Airlines flight ticket, the best of which are mentioned below,

a. Name change by contacting the Iberia Airlines Customer Service

The best way to make a name change or correction on an Iberia flight ticket is to contact the Iberia Customer Service Help Desk. Passengers can call the toll-free helpline number, follow the IVR menu, choose their preferred language and get connected to Iberia representatives who can assist them on call regarding the name change or correction process. Though passengers might find it more convenient to make minor name corrections themselves from the airline’s official website, contacting Customer Service for complex name corrections and legal changes is still the best option. Passengers may contact the Customer Service Help Desk by mail or text, but talking to a representative live is the most convenient, effective and quickest way to get the changes done on tickets.

b. Name change via Travel Agent

The Iberia Airlines name correction policy advises passengers through its website to contact their travel agents in cases where they need name changes or corrections on tickets. Since travel agents have the authorization required to make certain changes in customer reservations through GDS, all minor name corrections on Iberia flight tickets can be made through them without any hassle. For more complex types of changes, however, contacting the Customer Care Help Desk is by far the best option for a passenger.

c. Name change by visiting Airport Kiosk

The best way to get instant help regarding name changes or corrections from Iberia Airlines is to physically visit the airport kiosk and talk to a representative in person. Passengers can expect to get their work done really fast this way as they can explain to the representatives what exactly they want in their own words. For quicker resolutions, they should carry all supporting legal documents with them.

d. Name Correction from the official Iberia Airlines Website

The easiest and most convenient way to make a simple name correction is to log on to the official website of the airline,www.iberia.com , and make the necessary changes yourself. While logging in, passengers need to verify their identity and proceed to make the changes after paying the change fees where applicable.


1. Can I change my name on Iberia Airlines flight ticket?

No. Iberia Airlines doesn’t allow name changes on flight tickets under normal circumstances. But you can make minor corrections on your name or surname as per the guidelines of the Iberia Airlines Name Correction Policy.

2. Is it mandatory to include your middle name on your Iberia flight ticket?

As per the aviation laws in most countries, including your middle name on flight ticket is not mandatory. So, most airlines around the globe make it optional, leaving it up to the choice of their passengers. Likewise, Iberia also makes middle names non-compulsory on tickets. However, the airline advises its passengers to exactly match their names on tickets with their Government-issued id proofs including their middle names to avoid unnecessary hassles on the day of travel.

3. Can I still fly with Iberia, if I somehow overlook a misspelled name on my flight ticket?

No. You can’t. Iberia doesn’t allow even the smallest of name mismatch between your name on ticket and on your Government-issued id proof. And the Iberia Airlines Name Correction Policy permits rectification of name until up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. So, if you arrive at the airport just in the nick of time, and you have an unamended misspelled name on ticket, chances are you would be denied a chance to fly with Iberia.

4. How do I correct a typing mistake on my name on my Iberia Airlines flight ticket?

If the typo involves one or two characters of your name or surname, you can rectify it yourself by logging on the official website of Iberia. If you’ve booked your ticket through a travel agent, let your agent make the necessary amendment.

5. Can I change passenger name on Iberia flight ticket?

The Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy doesn’t allow a change in passenger. The person who originally booked the ticket and the person actually travelling should be the same under all circumstances.

6. Should I pay any change fee for a simple name correction on ticket?

Iberia Airlines usually doesn’t charge its passengers any change fee for simple name corrections initiated within 24 hours of booking the tickets. So, you can rectify your name for free if you proceed within 24 hours of creating the booking. However, you may or may not be charged any change fee beyond 24 hours. Whether or not you end up paying a name change fee and the amount you are actually charged, depends on so many factors like the method of name correction opted by passengers, the itinerary and of course seasonality.

7. How much do I need to pay for a genuine typing error on my Iberia flight ticket?

You may not need to pay anything within 24 hours of booking. Beyond 24 hours, you may be required to pay a name correction fee of $50.

8. How much should I pay for misspelled name on ticket for international travel?

It depends on specific travel routes. Usually, passengers are charged a name correction fee of around $200 for Europe bound flights.

9. Do the Iberia Airlines name correction rules vary with the ticket fares?

Yes they do. Name changes or corrections are not allowed on non-refundable tickets. Passengers who have booked higher fares like Business Flex can derive complete benefit from the name correction rules.

10. Do I need to pay a fare difference for a name correction on my Iberia Airlines flight ticket?

It depends. If seats in the same ticketing class or lower are unavailable at the time of re-issuance of tickets after name correction, you might have to book your ticket at a higher available class by paying a fare difference. Additionally, you might be required to pay a cancellation fee along with an applicable fee for name correction.

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