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Seattle must not be as popular for anything other than its Coffee. The city is also regarded as the birthplace of the famous coffee chain, Starbucks. There are over than 100 Starbucks stores in the city, which is way too much as you can find one in every 2 blocks. Not just this, Seattle is also the place where Nirvana and Pearl Jam rock bands started. People can take pleasure in their taste buds with some exceptional seafood, enjoy their time in wonderful bars and swing their body on the vigorous music of Seattle. To top it all, the place is blessed with several natural beauties around itself.

Why Seattle?

To be very specific about why should one go to Seattle, may be to explore the crazy lifestyle there or experience the enormous food trail the city has. To have a super amazing time with your friends and family, Seattle has its set of offerings in the form of Pike Public Market, Space Needle and many more places to explore. So, don’t give it a second though book your flight ticket now and explore Seattle like never before.

Places to Visit in Seattle

Discovery Park

Stretching transversely a 500-acre point that juts out into Puget Sound, Seattle’s biggest city park is like a microcosm of the Pacific Northwest. Nearly 12 miles of trails wander all the way through the forest areas of western hemlock and shaggy red cedar, along with meadows and wetlands to take you to an 1881 West Point Lighthouse. You can then choose to go tide pooling or beachcombing along its driftwood-strewn beaches, and keep an eye out for harbor seals, sea lions, and even sometimes the whales offshore.

Pioneer Square

Well if you were in Seattle and didn’t visit Pioneer Square then there’s nothing more saddening than this. The square represents Seattle’s initial downtown. The square is graceful red brick Romanesque buildings typically date back to 1890s, when the fast-growing city reconstructed after a devastating fire. A self-guided walking tour in Pioneer Square can lead you to places such as King Street train station and Smith Tower.

Things to do in Seattle

Underground Tour

Take an underground tour that will offer you an acquaintance with the rich history of Seattle. It has all the burnt stalls and shops on both the sides of the alley that were burnt during the Great Fire of 1889. This is going to be actually entertaining and exciting. .

Space Needle

Space Needle is exactly the face of Seattle and is one of the most stunning looking structures of the country. After its inauguration in the year 1962, Space Needle became an immediate icon of the city and today is recognized worldwide. There is a surveillance deck that gives an astonishing view of the city which is worth watching.

Transportation in Seattle

Seattle offers many options for your travel from one place to the other. You can make use of the public transports for your commute or simply can book a cab. It’s just hassle free there. So need not to worry about the transportation facility in Seattle. It’s topnotch.

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